Custom Doesn't Stop With Clubs:
Select the perfect golf ball for you

Finding your best golf ball is part art, part science. It’s a combination of what a golfer needs from a ball as well as what their goals are. For example, Callaway’s Corey Newman says he would begin by asking a player what ball they currently play, what they like about its performance, and if they were to switch to a new golf ball, what would be the most important performance attributes the golfer desires. Then he might initially focus on specific elements like distance off the tee, control with their irons, or whatever is most important to them. From there, it’s all about hitting some shots and finding the right ball.

chrome soft

Among the factors that impact performance, the ball’s construction is key. Is it a two, three or four piece ball? What’s the cover made from and what type of core does it have? What importance do you place on forgiveness, distance, trajectory, feel and short game control? Callaway’s Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, ERC Soft and Supersoft each deliver specific performance characteristics. If you’re looking to improve your overall performance, it’s important to find the right ball for your game.

Club Champion customers can take advantage of a unique combination of data. TrackMan fittings provide technical performance data that, when combined with Callaway ball science, can dial in what a golfer needs. By reviewing the spin and launch results from a driver and six iron, Club Champion fitters can identify if there’s an opportunity to improve a player’s results by using a specific golf ball. Greenside performance, as well as feel preferences, should also be taken into account. Your fitter will explain why they recommend a particular ball.

You’ve been fitted for clubs; shouldn’t you optimize your ball too? Club Champion prices for balls are so good, we can’t quote them here. Call or email your fitter to find out which golf ball is best for you!


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