Test Callaway Golf Balls At Club Champion Studios

Test Callaway Golf Balls At Club Champion Studios

 callaway chrome soft x 12 ball box 2018

Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X Golf Balls
According to Callaway, a Graphene-infused dual SoftFast core with a larger inner core maximizes compression energy while also minimizing driver spin to promote a higher launch. Its core construction promotes greater distance off the longer clubs and more precise control with mid irons, short irons and wedges. A thin, ultra-soft urethane cover generates shot controlling spin on pitches and chips. The fast sub-mantle, soft cover and low compression core combine to deliver a terrific feel.

While both of these balls exhibit Tour-quality performance, the Chrome Soft X has a slightly firmer feel and is geared towards players with faster swing speeds. It also delivers more workability and a more piercing trajectory. On off-center contact, the X won’t compress as much and subsequently will not fly as far or straight.

callaway supersoft 2019 12 ball yellow box

Supersoft Golf Balls
Supersoft has been one of Callaway’s most popular balls for years. The new model combines their lowest compression with a softer cover and optimized HEX aerodynamics to produce lower drag. The soft compression and lower spin aerodynamic pattern helps promote longer distance and straighter shots off every club. Around the greens, the softer Trionomer cover generates greater shot-stopping spin and improved feel for optimal short game performance.


callaway ERC soft 2019 12 ball box 1

ERC Soft Golf Balls
ERC Soft is Callaway’s longest golf ball, yet it’s still designed for soft feel and increased control around the green. This level of performance is made possible by their new hybrid cover; the soft multi-material cover promotes fast ball speeds for long distance through the bag. The ERC Soft was designed with Callaway’s largest ever Graphene-infused dual SoftFast core. It features a larger inner core that maximizes compression energy while minimizing driver spin to promote a higher launch. Around the green, it’s engineered to create noticeably higher spin for control, allowing for more aggressive play on approach shots and in the short game.

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