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Established in 2010, Club Champion has grown from a regional three-studio fitting business to a trusted golf club fitting expert with locations in every major golf market nationwide. Our Tour-level fittings were designed by Master Fitter and Builder Nick Sherburne, the company’s founder.

Nick found his way into golf club fitting in 1998 by helping out with club repairs and custom fitting at EJL Golf. With the advent of launch monitors, new shaft technology, grip updates and clubhead advancements, Nick shifted his mindset about fitting. No longer just an art, the science and technique of a proper fitting became a founding principle for the future of Club Champion.

Former CEO Joe Lee and former chairman Keith Bank partnered with Nick in 2010 to launch the budding brand. They saw potential in the idea that professional-level services were just as valuable to amateur players in the golf world — if we play the same equipment and wear the same clothing as the pros, we should be able to customize our game the same way as well. The business acumen of Joe and Keith combined with Nick’s passion and experience helped catapult the brand to the forefront of the fitting industry.

“We went from a Chicagoland staple to a flourishing brand because we saw the huge difference fitted equipment can make in a golfer’s game and we’re making that improvement available to everyone through our expansion to markets across the U.S.," says Lee.

A decade later, Club Champion employs over 220 team members, including roughly 150 fitters nationwide. We’ve been featured in CNBC, Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and more, and we are a perennial National Golf Foundation Top 100 company. We’re also a regular feature on Golf Digest’s semi-annual Top 100 fitter list, driven in part by the more than 100,000 fittings we complete per year.

Our story is still being written, as we have plans for further expansion both in the U.S. and internationally.

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