Club Champion Gift Card Terms and Conditions


  • Club Champion Gift Cards are redeemable for merchandise, golf club fittings and/or other golf club equipment services in our stores and online at when applicable.
  • Gift Cards have no value until activated by Club Champion at a store or online.
  • Gift Cards do not expire or impose any fees.
  • Gift Cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Except where required by law, Gift Cards may not be returned, refunded, redeemed for cash, applied as payment on any account, and/or used to purchase any other type of gift card.
  • Gift Cards are not a credit card or a debit card and carry no warranties, express or implied. Gift Cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Club Champion is not responsible for unauthorized use.


Club Champion Golf reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Use or acceptance of this Gift Card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions which are also available at

To obtain your gift card balance, please contact your fitter or call Club Champion's Customer Experience Team at (888) 340-7820.



Standard Operating Procedure For Gift Cards

Cash Out Gift Card (Select States Only)

Some states have passed legislation, that makes it mandatory to refund a gift card as cash upon request by a customer, provided it is below the state government determined amounts. This procedure if only for stores located in the states listed below. Manager must make all Team Members aware of the below and when needed to do a cash refund per the state listing below, follow the following steps:

    • Create Quick Sales Order in Salesforce.
    • Check balance on Gift Card.
    • Always make sure the balance on the card is less than the amount for your state.
    • Enter Gift Card sku with a negative quantity of 1 and the dollar amount of the refund, hit Save.
    • Ensure the Gift Card Number is still listed and enter the negative dollar amount in the Gift Card Amount box and hit Save.
    • Provide customer with cash from the drawer and mark on your daily cash count.
State State Determined Amounts Applicable to Merchandise Cards


Less than $10.00



$5.00 or less



Less than $3.00


Remaining balance after at least 90% of the original balance has been redeemed.



Less than $5.00 (if original value of was $5.00 or more)


New Jersey

$5 or less



Less than $5.00


Rhode Island

Less than $1.00



Less than $2.50


Less than $5.00



    • Gift cards can be used at any location and may be loaded (and re-loaded) for any amount at any time.
    • The sale of a Gift Card does not count toward store sales.
      • Only items purchased using it are applied to store sales.
    • Gift cards must be displayed at the front registers and custom counter in the Gift Card fixtures.
    • If Gift Cards are fully-stocked up front, keep remaining cards in the office safe and re-fill as needed.
    • Gift cards are replenished when on-hand quantities are low.

If the register does not prompt to swipe the card AND scan the SKU on the back of the card, it will not activate the card – meaning the customer will be given a Gift Card with a ZERO balance. Avoid this situation!
 UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY A GIFT CARD MAY BE GIVEN INSTEAD OF THE STORE MERCH CARD. This is due to the fact that Gift Cards can be cashed out in different states once the balance reaches a predetermined amount.

  • During return transactions, a Gift Card may only be given if the customer provides proof of payment with a Gift Card on a receipt. Simply reload the same card or issue a new one if needed.

Gift cards can only be issued once, then they may be reloaded.

  • If a post-void is necessary, cut the post-voided card in half and place it in the register drawer. Then put it in the daily business file.
  • Gift cards must be issued by swiping through the register and redeemed by swiping on the Pin Pad.

Gift Cards may not be issued for the remaining balance of a gift certificate.

  • Another Gift Certificate must be re-issued for the remaining balance.
  • Gift cards may be purchased by associates, however, associate discounts DO NOT apply.

A Gift Card balance may be checked at any time. Perform a balance inquiry at the register and a receipt can be printed out for the customer with the remaining balance.

  • If there is a zero remaining balance on the card, offer the card back to the customer and remind them it can be reloaded.
  • If the customer does not want the Gift Card back, cut it in half and put it in the register drawer.
  • Redeeming a Gift Card with a balance of $10 or less (or the state’s predetermined amount) only must be done when it is requested by the customer – it does not have to be offered to every customer – as the card may be reloaded.

If the customer does not want the Gift Card back, cut it in half and put it in the register drawer. (add to Daily Business Packet at the end of day)  If the system is offline, immediately call and inform  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No Gift Cards may be processed while the system is offline.

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