Club Fitting (analyzing head, shaft, and grip)

Prices listed below are regular retail prices.

Full Bag Fitting (all woods, irons, wedges, putter)

This is the most comprehensive option for those who want to take their game to the next level, as well as the best value for your fitting dollar. Your Club Champion Certified Fitter will take you through your entire bag and really drill down to specifics of every aspect of your equipment, including the ball that you should be playing.


 3 1/2 hours

Long Game Fitting (driver, fairways, hybrids)

Combine your driver, fairway woods and hybrids in this value based fitting that will increase your distance, get your spin rate and trajectory where it needs to be, and help you keep the ball in play.


 2 1/2 hours

Driver Fitting

The big stick is about power, but also needs to be controlled. We see no end in sight to the explosion in driver technology that continues to evolve, and state-of-the-art continues to change very rapidly. We make it our business to carry the very latest in designs from all major manufacturers, in both head and shaft technology. With so many choices on the market, your game will thank you when you are professionally fit into the exact right shaft/head combination for you.


 1 1/2 hours

Iron Fitting

With our knowledge of how to give you a greater ability to improve control and accuracy by adjusting spin characteristics and launch and lie angles, your irons are clubs that will respond beautifully to tour quality custom fitting. Club Champion offers an extremely broad selection of the best that the major manufacturers have to offer in shafts and heads, so that we can help dial in your game as precisely as possible.


 1 1/2 hours

Fairway Wood/Hybrid Fitting

Your fairway woods and hybrids need to be fit properly to take into account lies you typically would face and the launch angle and swing speed specific to your swing. Experience what it feels like to have lower scores on your card and more control from both the short and long grass.


 1 hour

Putter Fitting

Please do not ignore the club that is responsible for approximately 40% of your strokes!! That's right, 40% of your strokes. At Club Champion, we use the latest in SAM PuttLab technology to make sure you get the ball rolling properly and on line. Using hundreds of variables, we can fit and construct a putter for you that has the proper length, loft, lie, offset, face characteristics, head style and shaft that will allow you to not only better understand putting mechanics and performance, but will also have you more confident over the ball, resulting in more putts made from all distances. So, c'mon, give your scorecard a break.


 1 hour

Wedge Fitting

Ask any tour pro and they will tell you: Of all the clubs played before reaching the green, the wedges should be the most thoroughly thought about in relation to the character of your game. An adjustment in a few degrees of loft, different bounce characteristics, the number of wedges you carry and the spacing between the lofts, special grinds; these are all essential elements that get substantially magnified as you get within 125 yards of the pin. While the driver is your muscle, the wedges are your soft touches that are key to scoring.


 1 hour


  • In-depth analysis and guidance from a certified Club Champion clubfitter
  • A printout and email of fitting results and club specifications
  • A detailed price quote on each club in your fitting


Other services (call for pricing)

  • Repair
  • Re-Gripping
  • Re-Finishing

  • Custom paint job
  • Stamping
  • Golf balls