Beyond the Ball: Gifts for Golfers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…again. If you’re like me and you constantly have to remind yourself that time itself is fleeting and 2021 flew by in a blink, here is your reminder: it’s the holiday season once again!

To ease you into the happiest and somehow simultaneously the most stressful season, we’ve compiled a list of our hottest products and deals to help you find the perfect golf gifts for your favorite playing partner.

Club Champion All-Inclusive Driver and Putter Fitting Experiences

We’d be remiss if we skipped the self-promotion but we truly think any golfer would love our all-in fitting + custom club packages. And you’ll love them, too: for the first time, we’re bundling the fitting experience and the custom-built club into one package for a flat fee. No guesswork, no worries.

Even better, the driver and putter bundles come in their own box so you can physically hand someone the gift of better golf (or stuff it in a stocking, leave it on their pillow — whatever floats your holiday boat).

The Driver Fitting Experience box contains a certificate good for a comprehensive 1.5 hour driver fitting session and a custom-built driver, along with a few small Club Champion surprises. All told, the VIP experience will run you $1,000 and will cover every aspect of a new boomstick for the golfer in your life.

The Putter Fitting Experience is the same idea but for your short stick. This box retails for $500 for a 1-hour SAM PuttLab putter fitting and a custom putter, which is an unbeatable value.

These gift box experiences are limited in number, so head to to jump on these opportunities before they’re gone!

Golf Balls

Many people don’t realize that we also carry all the top golf ball brands in the industry to help give you

the perfect fit, right down to the ball you use. Whether you’re a Titleist Pro V1 loyalist or need a dash of color with a Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide ball, we’ve got ‘em all!

You are able to walk into any of our stores right now and purchase golf balls. They are the icing on the cake for a perfect golf gift!

Golf Digest and SiriusXM Subscriptions

If you’re looking to ensure that your favorite golfer is always up-to-date on the golf world, subscriptions to Golf Digest or SiriusXM will tickle their fancy!

Golf Digest and PGA TOUR Radio on SiriusXM are two of the best sources out there to stay on top of Tour news and instruction. Plus, our founder Nick Sherburne and our fitters are frequently featured on both platforms so your favorite golfer can learn more about Club Champion while they catch the latest gab from the greens.


The holidays are a feel-good time of year. Why not feel good about giving a friend or loved one the gift of relaxed muscles and joints, and an even more relaxed golf game?

Club Champion is an official Therabody retailer and carries four versions of their revolutionary percussive therapy device, the Theragun. Club Champion carries the PRO, Elite, Prime and Mini and each version is ready to help relieve nagging pains and stiffness after a tough round. With varying speeds and interchangeable heads, a Theragun session before, during and after a round will maximize the body’s performance and recovery on and off the course.

After all, why not make the holidays more relaxed and comfortable for someone at home or on the golf course after all the stress holiday shopping provides!

Tickets to a PGA or LPGA Event

Obviously, the dead of winter seems like an odd time to purchase tickets to an outdoor event. But if you have the opportunity to gift someone tickets to a pro golf event, you’ll be ahead of the game — literally.

Tickets for select events can be purchased through the event websites and a schedule of events can be found on the PGA and LPGA sites.

Arccos Sensors

Tracking technology has truly revolutionized the golf game. With Arccos Sensors, you’ll be giving your favorite golfer a fastpass to the next generation of golf.

With Arccos Sensors, the next step beyond getting fit for clubs is now available at Club Champion. By inserting Arccos Sensors into golf clubs and using the companion smartphone app, golfers will have access to extensive data needed to improve their game and keep them consistent.

Club Champion Gift Card

A fitting is truly the gift that keeps on giving and a Club Champion gift card can give your favorite golfer that and much more!

A Club Champion gift card can be used to purchase both equipment and fittings at Club Champion. Your favorite golfer can get even more out of their gift card if they book a fitting with it in hand before 1/31/22 because the Club Champion winter fitting deal is ongoing!

At every Club Champion location across the country from now until 1/31/22, our fitting fees are 50% off with an equipment purchase of $500 or more! Plus, for those who missed Putter Fitting Month, putter fittings will receive 50% off their fitting fee with the purchase of any new putter.

For more information on any of our holiday gifts or the winter fitting deal, head to or shoot any questions or comments to Happy holidays, golfers!

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