Who should get fitted?

Who should get fit for golf clubs?




But really — we at Club Champion pride ourselves on being the nation’s top club fitter and our goal since day one has been to make Tour-level golf equipment fittings available to everyone. If you’re able to wear the same clothes and play with the same equipment, you should have access to the same club customization that the pros have.

That’s where we come in. Our custom club fittings match equipment to your unique swing metrics. Whether you swing smooth like Rory McIlroy, hitch your swing like Jim Furyk or slap-shot it like Happy Gilmore, our job is to find clubs that fit with you so you can lower your scores.

A lot of casual golfers wonder, “Am I good enough to get fitted?”

The simple answer is yes. We fit every level of golfer from beginners to Tour professionals; all you need is a consistent swing motion (which is not the same thing as a perfect one) and we can collect data. 

All ages, all skill levels, doesn’t matter. In fact, we’ve found that the higher your handicap, the more measurable improvement can be seen in our fitting bays and out on the course.

Having the proper shaft flex, weight, profile and length coupled with the right swingweight, lie, loft and grip can all help you reach your golf goals. Each of these metrics are measured and are accounted for when you’re fitted by our Master Fitters.

Others may ask, “My kid is just beginning to play golf. Should they be fitted?”

We really do fit players of all ages. If your child is dedicated to the game and wants to begin playing with the best equipment, a fitting should be considered. Playing well with the right equipment at an early age can help inspire confidence in a young golfer, which will only make them want to play more. Just don’t Great Santini your kid.

Someone who asks a lot of questions might ask next, “What will a fitting do for me?”

It will simply help you play better golf. At the end of the day, someone that wants to improve their game should look to improve their equipment. A properly fitted club will benefit the individual far more than an off-the-rack set of clubs because it’s working with your body, not against it. 

The only question left to ask is, “When should I get fit?”


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Club Champion

Tale of the Tape: Club Champion vs. The Field

So you want to make some changes to your golf game. 

Maybe you just retired and you have more time to golf. Or maybe you just picked up the game and want to progress. Maybe you’ve been doing “just fine” for the last few years and you want to be better than fine. Or maybe you just want bragging rights.

Regardless of the reason, you’ve come to the right conclusion: it’s time for a golf club fitting. 

It doesn’t take much effort to find a plethora of companies, club pros and back-door build shops that claim to offer club fittings. But there’s only one company that can guarantee the perfect fit.

Club Champion claims the title of the nation’s top club fitter and builder, but it isn’t just hyperbole. There are four key factors that set them apart from the competition.

Demo Equipment

The sheer number of clubheads, shafts and grips that Club Champion has available is simply unmatched. 

Built upon a commitment to brand agnosticism, they have over 50,000 hittable club combinations in their arsenal with equipment from 50+ manufacturers including Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist and many more.

With an astounding amount of club combos, their master fitters can confidently fit every unique swing that comes through the door. Using a universal connector system that can’t be found at most other fitters, they’re able to mix and match any brand of head and shaft that best fits you and your swing.

Most golf retailers and local clubs are only able to fit using a couple of demo bags and aren’t able to mix between brands. Is it even a true custom fitting if your options are that severely limited?


If you weren’t convinced by the vast amount of club combination options, then maybe some tech talk will tickle your fancy.

To improve your game, you need a launch monitor, but not just any launch monitor. TrackMan is the gold standard for the PGA Tour, there’s one in every Club Champion fitting bay. With TrackMan’s proven 3D radar tech, you’ll be able to measure smash factor, ball speed, clubhead speed, carry and more in real-time. 

And don’t forget about your short game — as putts make up around 40% of your strokes, you’ll want to have the best tech on your side to help you sink ‘em.

Also found in each Club Champion location is a Science & Motion (SAM) PuttLab, designed to analyze the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke. Using ultrasound measurements, SAM provides on-the-spot data and insight that enables fitters to identify the best putter for you.

The tech-focused philosophy extends beyond the stores to the build shop, where you’ll find SST PURE Shaft Alignment systems along with perfectly calibrated swingweight machines and loft and lie machines that match the machines in stores.

Our Fitters

The art and science behind properly fitting each unique swing takes education and proper training, just as it would to learn how to play the game itself. 

Club Champion educates all of their fitters through an intensive in-house training course called Club Champion University (CCU).

CCU has been proven to create the most highly trained fitters in the industry. Through 200+ hours of initial training, plus bi-weekly refresher training for graduates, fitters are consistently the best and most informed from coast-to-coast.

Club Building

The build process is what separates Club Champion from other club fitters because that is where the true difference is made for the golfer. Most other fitters identify your specs and send them to a club manufacturer to build. The intricacies that make your swing unique can be lost in translation with exchanges like that.

At each Club Champion location, the loft, lie and swingweight machines are perfectly calibrated with those in the build shop to ensure that the clubs you tested in the fitting bay are the same ones you purchase. There’s hand-off of information with a hope of accuracy; there’s a coordinated effort to ensure it. 

Additionally, all the master builders work in the shop full-time. They take a great amount of personal pride in their work and are passionate about each unique club they’re building for you. Every detail matters to them because it matters to you.

The Takeaway

Now that you know the difference between Club Champion and the field, it’s time to book a fitting at your nearest location! Head to clubchampiongolf.com for more information.

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