Father’s Day at Club Champion

It’s the same question every year: what can you possibly get for a man who has everything and doesn’t use most of what he has? You could settle for a dozen golf balls and a World’s Greatest Dad coffee mug from the grocery store. Maybe a new tie. Or you can be the world’s greatest gift-giver by getting your dad a Club Champion gift card.

Michael Breed

He is already a pro in the father arena, but during a Club Champion fitting, Dad’ll feel like a pro golfer, too. With over 50,000 hittable combinations in our studios, your dad will be immersed in the top customization options in the golf industry.

The process involves working with a master fitter to test Dad’s unique swing. Using TrackMan launch monitors, dozens of metrics like smash factor, ball speed, clubhead speed, carry and more will be analyzed in real-time. The data is invaluable and far more interesting than another tie!

Following the unforgettable fitting and the purchase of his new favorite toys, your gift will keep on giving. With a properly fitted set, your dad will be playing his best golf and he’ll have you to thank for that.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve got a special Father’s Day promotion happening for a limited time online: $75 toward Dad’s equipment purchase when you buy a gift card for $150 or more. This offer is only available until 6/20/21 and can be purchased here.

You won’t find a better deal for your dad this Father’s Day. Club Champion is the perfect fit for every World’s Greatest Dad.

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