Club Champion’s Winter Golf Guide

Missing the warmer months? We certainly are at Club Champion HQ in Chicago. We’ve compiled some advice for those of you in the same boat — the boat that’s full of snow and ice and freezing temps. Keep your golf game as spry as springtime during the dead of winter with these tips. 

Get a custom fitting 

There was no chance this wasn’t going to be the first thing on our list. I mean, come on, that’s what we do!  

We’ve discussed why we fit indoors and the winter months are just another reason why we do that. All of our fittings are in a temperature-controlled environment without wind, humidity, or other unpleasant weather patterns. In a static indoor environment, you don’t have to worry about anything other than you and your swing. 

Plus, just getting in the bay and keeping your swing on point for when warmer weather arrives isn’t a bad idea. Nor is making sure you get the perfect set fit to you in time for the spring golf season. Since all of the latest and greatest gear drops in the first few months of the year, we’ll give you access to brand new equipment in our bays as soon as they’re made available by the brands. 

Also, between now and 1/31/22, our winter fitting deal is active, so it’s the perfect time to come in and get fit!

Have the right gear 

Yes, this applies to golf clubs, but this tip is more from the clothing and golf ball standpoint.

Wet weather gloves, thermal socks, and several long-sleeved layers will only benefit you on your winter golf outing. Layers may impact your swing, so be mindful that you aren’t over or under-compensating, which may lead to injury. 

Or if you’re one of those football fans who takes their shirt off at playoff games in the snow, I imagine you could do the same thing playing golf. Assuming the golf course allows you to play with no shirt on.

You’ll definitely want to break out your yellow golf balls if you’re playing in frosty conditions. You can find a great variety of golf balls at our locations, including the Srixon Divide golf balls, which feature a two-sided neon colorway that makes finding it in rain, sleet, snow or hail that much easier. 

Take lessons 

One of the biggest misconceptions about our fittings is that they double as a golf lesson. We don’t provide lessons but we can provide you with a perfect club that fits your current swing. That perfect club can help you progress even more quickly with your golf instructor’s help. 

Whether it’s at a range, a course, or another indoor facility, you can find lessons that will help get your golf game to a comfortable level. Say you really need to work on your driver swing (like I do) and you don’t want to get fit until your mind, spirit, and body are in the right place. You’ve got a couple of months before your buddies want to get out on the course, so now is the time! There are indoor facilities all over the place that can help you dial in the foundational improvements you need to hit the course at your peak next season.  

Read, Listen & Watch 

Say the conditions are just too cold and a blizzard rolls through; this doesn’t mean you can’t completely immerse yourself in the game of golf. 

Whether it’s reading this blog or watching our YouTube channel, we’ve got a plethora of golf equipment content ready for you! You can learn all about our fitting processes, golf terms, what the difference is between aftermarket and stock shafts as well as what great options we have on our walls for you in all of our locations. 

We also have the Fits With the Founder podcast, hosted by our founder Nick Sherburne. Alongside our Marketing Director and social media guru, Cassie Bausch, our podcast covers all of the top golf news and gets into some wacky hypotheticals about the golf world, with special guest interviews from some of the top names in golf! 

If you have room in your house, you may even be able to break out your fitted set and take a few swings and learn from an instructional video to maximize your swing before the weather warms up. If you don’t have the room, maybe just put your clubs in the corner of the room and stare at them until your swing becomes immaculate. 

There are also several Tour events that happen in the winter months, so it’ll be easy to keep up with your favorite pro golfers while you’re stuck inside. 

To book a fitting or to find more equipment content to keep you warm during the winter months, head to! 

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