Club Champion Builder Reaches One Hundred Thousand Custom Clubs

Club Champion Builder Reaches One Hundred Thousand Custom Clubs

Unlike most golf retailers and club fitters, Club Champion builds every club by hand to the tightest tolerances. Our build process ensures that what you hit during your fitting is exactly what you hit on the course. Club building at Club Champion is truly an art form.   

Behind the scenes at Club Champion, there is a dedicated and passionate team of master builders that take pride in their work and are truly passionate about their profession. These builders ensure you receive the perfect custom club to fit your unique swing.

One team member Club Champion is highlighting this month is master builder and build shop manager of five years, Ryan Buikema. Buikema has built 100,000 custom clubs since starting with Club Champion. He has been club building for 12 years.

When asked what it takes to build 100,000 custom clubs, Buikema mentions, “A true passion for building and a lot of dedicated time and effort.” 12,500 hours of dedicated time, that is. Ryan works up to 12 hour days to ensure that Club Champion meets their 7-10 business day turnaround.

So what makes Club Champion’s custom build of a higher quality than other companies that build clubs? Ryan says, “We have the tightest build tolerances in the industry, and we guarantee that if anything goes wrong with your clubs, we will fix them for as long as you have those clubs. We also offer a perfect fit guarantee. So from the fit to the build, if the clubs do not perform like they did in the fitting, we do what is right by fixing or replacing them.”

The hardest aspect of custom club building for Buikema is keeping a high level of focus throughout an entire day of building. Buikema says that attention to detail and a desire to build each club to the best of his ability is what has pushed him to complete 100,000 custom clubs. He makes sure he quality checks every club that is built by spot checking for length, loft and lie, as well as swingweight. Buikema says, “Every build is different, and being able to adapt on the fly with every nuance to each build, while keeping everything in the tolerance, is difficult.” 

Buikema’s favorite part of club building is taking the many parts/components and turning them into a work of art that a golfer will enjoy for many years.  Buikema is most proud of having a role in helping thousands of golfers around the world enjoy the game just a little bit more. His professional goal for 2018 is to continue to grow as a builder for Club Champion and to help cultivate the next generation of builders.

“Just keep building!” - Ryan Buikema, Certified Master Builder and Shop Manager

Club Champion’s certified builders are experts in all facets of club building, repair and customization. In addition to building your perfect club to fit your unique swing, additional services include:

  • Re-shafting
  • Re-gripping
  • Wedge grinding
  • Swing weighting
  • Loft and lie adjustments on all brands and club types
  • Rat gluing of metalwood heads
  • Frequency matching
  • Face angle adjustments
  • SST PUREing of shafts
  • Ferrule replacement
  • Shaft extension and trimming
  • Custom stamping
  • Custom painting
  • Anything else that can be done to a club

With more than 35,000 custom hittable head and shaft options, Club Champion will customize your club to fit your unique swing. Book your fitting today. Call us at 888-340-7820 or request an appointment online.