Club Champion - Edel Single Length SLS-01 Irons

Edel SLS-01 Irons

After years of research and design, the Edel single length system SLS-01 Irons have reached the market. It’s a set of clubs that allows golfers to maintain a single-ball position, swing plane and rhythm rate to achieve optimal performance; all with a club that has the singularity of length, weight, bounce, shaft weight, and shaft flex to optimize the simplicity of repeating your ideal swing.

The technology behind these irons includes a hollow body design, progressive face thickness, progressive internal cavity, a five-step forging process, soft polymer inserts, loft-optimized center of gravity (CG), CNC-machined face, and an ideal bounce and sole grind. Plus, a multiple step forging process allows for better grain structure in the carbon steel irons; providing superior feel.

The hollow body design allows for a thinner, stronger face to deliver a longer, more forgiving iron. Edel used multiple materials of varying face thicknesses throughout the set to maintain proper ball speeds for each specific iron. They progressively decreased the size of the internal cavities as loft increases to deliver ball speed control and consistent distance gapping. The hollow body is filled with a soft polymer material to provide improved feel, sound, and energy transfer. This also allows Edel to move the weight to the perimeter, increasing the size of the sweet spot.

Edel created a progressive center of gravity (CG) throughout the set. A lower CG in the lower lofted clubs transitions to a higher CG in the higher lofted clubs for a more controlled ball flight. It also improves launch conditions, shot dispersion, and feel by maximizing head stability. CNC machining of the face, grooves, and internal cavity deliver precise control of these important design aspects. Optimal sole width, bounce, and grind surface provide terrific turf interaction.

Club Champion is the only custom fitter that can offer Edel single length irons with any shaft option because we have 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-gram weights to properly fit for head and swing weight.

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