By Leonard Finkel

Flat Cat Putter Grips

While caddying for 20 years at Pinehurst and Whistling Straits, inventor Charlie Spain witnessed untold 1000’s of rounds of golf. He saw that the biggest problem golfers had when it came to scoring was making putts – specifically, those dreaded 4 or 5 footers. To be a great putter, your putter face needs to be square to your intended target line at impact, so Charlie came up with the Flat Cat putter grip.

The oversize grip category has expanded dramatically, but Flat Cat is rather different. Rectangular by design, in theory, it helps golfers keep the clubface square through impact. The lines of the grip run parallel to the face of the putter, so by keeping the putter square in your hands, you’re keeping the face square too; promoting a more fluid, consistent and accurate putting stroke. Flat Cat has become popular among pros (including Justin Rose who just won the FedEx Cup) and amateur players because of its ability to keep golfers' wrists quiet during the putting stroke. 

Are you aware that from five feet, if your grip is open just two degrees, you’ll miss the putt? Flat Cat putter grips are statistically proven to improve face angle at address and impact. They have outperformed other putter grips in over 76% of tests conducted through Science & Motion (SAM) PuttLab, the leading putting analysis system. Charlie believes, “When you can actually feel what square feels like, you’re gonna sink more putts . . . it’s that simple.” 

Both the Flat Cat Original and FLAT CAT Solution incorporate flat sides designed to help you square the putter face to the intended target line, enabling you to sink more putts. Both are constructed from a lightweight polyurethane compound. Along with a lighter-traction surface pattern, it provides an ideal putter grip texture and comfortable feel. Even with the larger grip size, the Easy-Glide cone allows for effortless removal from a player’s bag.

Flat Cat Solution takes it a step further, integrating a patented stainless-steel weighted cone positioned directly below the hands. The heavier weighting enables a smoother, more consistent, pendulum-like putting stroke, without generating an awkward feel. The Solution was specifically designed for golfers who suffer with a slight twitch or “yip” in their putting stroke. 

The grip is available in five sizes: Slim, Svelte, Standard, Fat and Big Boy. The grips get thicker and heavier. The Slim weighs in at 45 grams, Svelte 51, Standard 68, Fat 85, and Big Boy 104.

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