Fujikura Announces New and Improved enso®-Enhanced PRO 2.0 Shaft

Fujikura Announces New and Improved enso®-Enhanced PRO 2.0 Shaft

The newest version of Fujikura’s most popular shaft, PRO 2.0, has been enhanced using Fujikura's 3D Motion capture enso® system to improve launch and reduce spin. The PRO Series, originally introduced three years ago, has quickly become Fujikura’s most popular, playable and easy-to-fit line of performance shafts.

New for 2018, the PRO 2.0 has a lengthened loading zone for more efficient energy transfer, a stiffer mid and tip section, and lower torque for improved control and reduced spin. It is ideal for a wide range of golfers, and available in Tour Spec for more aggressive swing tempos.

Originally designed to have a softer handle section to help golfers load the shaft and deliver the clubhead with more speed at impact, the PRO series has been long heralded by Tour players, amateur golfers, and clubfitters for the benefits of a profile that aids in launch while also reducing spin. The latest iteration in the PRO series, the new PRO 2.0 builds on the latest in material knowledge, the most recent research data of Fujikura's in-house engineering team, and feedback from pros.

The result is a shaft with a more effective loading zone to store more energy in the downswing which translates to more clubhead speed. Additionally, the torsional stiffness has been increased by 14% to produce greater overall shot control and lower spin compared to the original PRO.

When Fujikura compared the 2.0 to the original PRO, they saw the 2.0 was significantly easier to swing, had tighter shot dispersion, and lower spin to deliver the clubhead with more power, control, and distance. 

The PRO 2.0 is painted in “Destroyer Grey” and has a metallic blue design to carry over the theme from the original PRO. The Tour Spec model is painted in “Tour Spec White” to denote the stiffer profile. They will be available in weight ranges from 57 to 87 grams and in flexes starting at R2 up to X. 

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