Grip It and Rip It: Why Your Grips Matter

If something is worn out, it won't perform at its best — common sense, right? Yet many golfers are caught on the course with worn or slick grips, which negatively impact swing and performance. If you have to increase your grip pressure to keep from flinging your club, you're sacrificing clubhead speed...which means a loss of distance and control. Slippery grips may also cause the clubhead to shift from square, resulting in off-center strikes and a decrease in accuracy.



Moral of the story: your grips are an important component of your golf success, and should be treated as such.

According to Michael Breed, one of Golf Channel’s top instructors, new golf grips can definitely improve your game. Breed says, “If you have worn golf grips, it will absolutely adversely affect your golf game.”

At Club Champion, we recommend changing your grips annually. If you play frequently, you may consider re-gripping more often based on visible or noticeable wear. Worn grips definitely don’t provide the same traction and stability as newly-installed, fresh grips.

Club Champion founder Nick Sherburne believes, “It’s really important to have a firm grip on your golf clubs. Worn down grips cause your hands to slip and slide and prevent you from maintaining consistent control through the golf swing. Worn grips negatively affect performance and don’t allow your clubs to perform as designed. It’s best to replace them as soon as they begin to show wear.”

Something to consider: Your putter grip is the most touched, most used and most overlooked piece of equipment in the bag. Putting is the key to scoring, and good putting requires confidence. Don't forget to clean your putter grip just as you would every other grip to maintain that original tacky feel.
Bruce Miller, Product Manager at Golf Pride says, "Golf grips and their condition are extremely important to your game, because they are your only connection to the club. We recommend regripping at least once per year or after 40 rounds played to ensure that your grips are providing the performance you need. Worn grips can slip, causing you to sacrifice accuracy and hit off target shots. When grips are worn, golfers have a tendency to grip their clubs with more pressure, and tense muscles lead to slower swing speeds. So worn grips cost you accuracy and also cause you to sacrifice distance." 

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