Maximize Your Game With KBS Max Shafts


Originally designed for the best players in the world, these KBS Max graphite shafts were modified to deliver similar performance to everyday golfers. KBS determined that the stiffness of the shaft should vary based on swing speed and these new models are a bit less firm than those created for Tour players. They are also designed for higher ball flight.

These graphite shafts are crafted for a wide range of players seeking to maximize the performance of their iron shafts with trajectory, spin and distance in a consistent, lighter-weight package. This new design makes it easier for everyday golfers to perform on every shot; switching to KBS graphite could maximize your game.

Based on the same E.I. curve as the KBS Max steel shafts, these new graphite shafts will fit players based on their swing speed rather than the traditional flex paradigm. They will give players with lower swing speeds the ability to hit the ball at a higher launch/spin with accuracy using a performance graphite iron shaft.

The 45-gram shaft is designed for players with swing speeds less than 50 miles per hour. Slightly quicker speeds in the 51 – 59 mile per hour range would use the 55-gram option. The 65-gram is designed for golfers with 60 – 68 miles per hour, 75 grams for those with swing speeds between 69 and 77 miles per hour and 85 grams for those with speeds between 78 and 85 miles per hour.


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