Milled Mini-Grooves Maximize Spin On The Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 Wedges

Milled Mini-Grooves Maximize Spin On The Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 Wedges

Bridgestone's TOUR B XW-1 collection of wedges are the brand's softest and highest spinning wedges. Designed for better players, they feature Bridgestone’s proprietary Biting Rail Milled grooves which, according to the company, deliver more spin on approach and greenside recovery shots. Rather than having flat areas between the grooves, Bridgestone milled the face with randomized swirls, or etched-in lines, a distinct pattern of four mini-grooves that adds extra friction. Plus, the wedges are premium forged from 1020 mild carbon steel to provide the soft feel better players prefer.

“Low-mid handicappers are going to love the control and feel that our new TOUR B XW-1 Wedges deliver,” said Zack Kupperbusch, Golf Club Marketing Manager, Bridgestone Golf. “The combination of the industry’s most premium forging and our new Biting Rail Milled grooves provides unparalleled softness and optimum spin on a variety of short shots.”

The TOUR B XW-1 wedge series features three distinct sole configurations, each intended to optimize specific types of shots. The F (Flat) sole in the 50-degree gap wedge optimizes turf interaction on full or mid-range approach shots, and it provides added stability at impact for a more penetrating ball flight.

The M Sole, or the “Multi-Purpose Sole,” characteristic of the 52-, 54-, 58- and 60-degree wedges focuses on providing versatility for all the varying shots golfers might hit in the course of a round. From hooded bump-and-runs to open-flange flop shots, the M-Sole delivers maximum control. Finally, the A Sole, or the “Forgiving Sole,” offers supreme forgiveness in the 56-degree wedge, whether you’re hitting an explosion shot to escape a steep face bunker or pin-hunting from the fairway.

The XW-1 wedges are available in right hand only with a satin chrome finish. These wedges are available exclusively at Club Champion locations nationwide.

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