PING - Glide Forged Wedge

By Rob Sauerhaft

Miura Tour Wedges

Seven years after debuting its first and only forged wedge, the Anser Forged, Ping unveils the Glide Forged. With a small profile and savory feel, the 8620-carbon steel head should appeal to better players who consider themselves shotmakers. However, the cast Glide 2.0 will continue to do most of the heavy lifting. Whereas Glide 2.0 comes in four sole grinds—TS, SS, WS, and ES—the Glide Forged has just one sole option. With a round leading edge and plenty of heel-toe camber, the new model falls between the TS and SS grinds. And, the center of gravity (CG) in Glide Forged is slightly forward (.030” to .040”) compared to Glide 2.0 throughout the set, with similar CG height.

First introduced in Glide 2.0 wedges, the milled, wheel-cut grooves are carried over to Glide Forged. With a sharp edge radius, the grooves create more friction for added spin and trajectory control. Plus, a tungsten toe weight helps balance the club for added stability on slight misses.

Ping has a real knack for hiding cool techy features in plain sight. Case in point, a smooth coating on the sole helps the club glide through turf, while a rough face texture grabs the ball to increase spin. “We’ve done an awful lot in the last couple of years in terms of how friction works, which is a really interesting and counterintuitive topic,” says Dr. Paul Wood, Ping’s VP of Engineering. “You’d think a rough face on a driver would do the same, right? But, actually, a rough face on a driver makes the spin go down.” 

Club Champion can provide numerous custom options including ferrules, stamping, paint-fills, and grips. Six loft/bounce configurations include: 50°/10°, 52°/10°, 54°/10°, 56°/10°, 58°/8° and 60°/8° or Club Champion can provide a custom bounce and grind for you.

If all this sounds too good to pass up, then get over to your local Club Champion studio. The company’s expert fitters will assess whether or not the Ping Glide Forged is your best short-game option.  Experience the Club Champion difference! Call us at 888-340-7820 or request an appointment online at

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