Club Champion - TaylorMade M4 Rescue Hybrids

TaylorMade M4 Rescue Hybrid

The TaylorMade M4 family now includes the M4 Rescue hybrid, which offers increased forgiveness through the use of carbon fiber sections and pushing the saved weight to the rear of the club.

It’s designed as a distance-enhancing replacement for long irons that preserves ball speed on mishits for improved consistency. The M4 Rescue hybrid is especially effective for mid- and high-handicap players who want a forgiving, easy-to-launch hybrid with a larger footprint.

In a test of six golfers ranging from low- to high-handicaps, the M4 Rescue hybrid was, on average, 5.821 yards longer than their gamer hybrid. 

One Club Champion customer commented, "I really love the way these heads look and it's very easy to square up. The feel off the face of this hybrid is very, very hot. The sound matches the shot, and mishits don't sound bad. This would hands down go into the bag. I absolutely murdered the shots. I would optimize my whole top half of the bag with the M4 line."

Unlike M3 Rescues, M4s don’t contain an adjustable weight in the sole or an adjustable hosel. The M4 Rescue hybrid houses split internal weights that increase forgiveness and promote more ball speed across the face, helping golfers find the center of the clubface with greater consistency. Speed Pocket technology preserves ball speed on balls struck low on the face, providing added forgiveness and more consistent distance control.

The M4 sits well at address with a nice, rounded shape and a similar ball speed to the M3, but with much higher spin. The M4 is a "get out of trouble" and easy-to-hit hybrid, which is more about precision and shot making.

By splitting the rear weight pad into two sections, it raises the moment of inertia (MOI) by 12 percent while still keeping the center of gravity (CG) low to control spin. The M4 hybrid also benefits from an improved sole channel for better ball speed performance across the face, especially on low-face impact.

The larger footprint and low-profile design work exceptionally well from both the fairway and off the tee. Compared to previous models, the M4 displays an improved look, sound, and feel. It’s an ideal tool for players who struggle to gain confidence over a hybrid.

Another Club Champion customer commented, "It has a great feel and powerful sound. I'm not a hybrid guy, but love this one." 

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