TPT Golf - Distance, Accuracy, and Consistency

TPT Golf™ Shafts

With wins on the PGA Tour, European Tour, Asian Tour, and the World Golf Championships in the last five months, TPT Golf is the hottest new shaft in golf.

The upstart, Switzerland-based golf shaft manufacturer has updated each of its 11 distinct shaft models for 2018, and each model will be available for fitting at Club Champion locations across the country. This includes TPT Golf’s all-new 15-LKP-LT-LW, a low-torque, lightweight shaft that is designed for golfers with Tour-level swing speeds.  

According to TPT Golf, nearly every golf shaft on the market today — whether a driver, wood, or iron — is made via a process called “roll wrapping.” This entails rolling multiple “flags” of material around a steel mandrel. The resulting layer overlap creates a seam, as well as a spine, that must be aligned during fitting.

TPT Golf eliminates many of the inconsistencies found in conventional golf shafts. All TPT Golf shafts feature a consistent, spineless construction, providing a higher level of stability while improving energy transfer.

What is different about TPT Golf shafts is that they are created with “Thin-Ply Technology,” an automated shaft manufacturing process the company developed from the ground up to offer distance, accuracy, and consistency to golfers of all swing speeds.

TPT Golf calls Thin-Ply Technology “The Future of Golf Shafts,” as the robot-driven, perfectly consistent manufacturing technique creates golf shafts with identical specifications time after time. 

The concentricity of the TPT Golf shaft is demonstrated by comparing the frequency in cycles per minute (cpm) as the shaft is rotated 360 degrees. The concentricity of a shaft defines the shot dispersion achievable. TPT tested a premium competitor's shaft that showed a deviation of 7.2 cpm. The TPT Golf shaft showed a deviation of 2.4 cpm. The company says it is generally recognized that a radial tolerance in shaft flex of more than 3 cpm will adversely affect the performance of a golf club leading to higher shot dispersion and poor “feel” for the player. TPT's manufacturing technology outputs shafts with a tolerance that is consistently below the 3 cpm threshold. 

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