True Temper Elevate Tour Shaft Increases Speed & Shot Stopping Control
True Temper Elevate Tour Shaft
Increases Speed and Shot Stopping Control

007: True Temper — JAN 2019 Newsletter

Elevate Tour’s steel iron shafts are 7 to 10 percent lighter than traditional Tour-weighted shafts. Regular flex is 112 grams, stiff is 117 grams and X flex is 121 grams. True Temper believes that this configuration will provide better players an increase in swing speed while still preserving critical shot control.

These mid-weight shafts have been designed for players seeking improved initial launch and spin. They deliver a two-degree increase in landing angle as well as an additional 400 RPMs of spin, compared to traditional Tour designs. Better players should achieve an optimal landing angle of between 46 and 50 degrees providing instant shot-stopping control.

These shafts are equipped with VSS Pro, a proprietary vibration suppression system which provides 56 percent vibration dampening, while still maintaining critical shot feedback so vital to accomplished players.

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