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What is a golf club fitting?

We’re glad you asked! Custom club fitting is a process that matches a set of golf clubs to your unique swing metrics. Those swing metrics include things like shaft length, loft and lie, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, swingweight and more. Your height, grip, angle of attack and other elements are also considered when fitting a set from top-to-bottom, and a true club fitter is trained to take all of those factors into consideration when finding and recommending the perfect fit.

Am I good enough to get custom fit?

We fit every level golfer ranging from beginners to Tour professionals. We have found that the higher your handicap, the more measurable improvement you will see on the course.

What if my swing is inconsistent?

Poorly fitted equipment often contributes to inconsistency! Having the proper shaft flex, weight, profile, and length coupled with the right swingweight, lie, loft, and grip can help you stay consistent.

How are Club Champion fittings
different from those at a big box
megastore or a demo day?

We have four differentiators that set our Tour-level fittings apart from the competition.

Demo Equipment: The only way to find the right option is to have access to every option. Club Champion has more hittable head and shaft combinations than anyone else in the industry — over 50,000 — which allows our fitters to confidently fit each unique swing. Unlike most other fitters, we use a universal connector system that allows us to mix and match ANY brand of head and shaft. At demo days, local clubs and most golf retailers, common practice is to rely on a few fitting carts and/or demo bags; this greatly limits your options and means you can’t mix and match heads and shafts between brands. This isn’t a true custom fitting and it diminishes your chances of finding a fit that dramatically improves your game.

Technology: A launch monitor is a must, but which one is important as well. There are many options, but TrackMan is the PGA Tour gold standard and as such, it’s the option found in Club Champion studios. For putting analysis, the Science and Motion (SAM) PuttLab is second-to-none in terms of the data it delivers.

Your Fitter: The art and science behind properly fitting each unique swing takes time to learn and continued education. Our fitters are the most highly trained in the industry — they receive 200+ hours of training at Club Champion University and receive bi-weekly training so our process is the same from coast-to-coast. This level of training is unmatched by any other golf club fitter.

Club Building: For the best results, it is essential that your club fitter build your clubs. Most fitters identify your specs and then send them to a club manufacturer to build your order. Not at Club Champion — instead, our loft, lie, and swingweight machines are perfectly calibrated with those in our 15,000+ square foot build shop to ensure that the clubs you tested in the fitting bay are the same ones you purchase.

Do you conduct indoor or
outdoor fittings?

To deliver the ultimate in consistency, all Club Champion fittings are completed indoors in a temperature-controlled environment without wind or humidity. The most effective way to fit golf clubs is to take away variables like weather and a static indoor environment is the best way to do that. At Club Champion, you’ll hit your own clubs to set performance benchmarks that are compared to the new clubs you hit so you can be assured the results seen in the hitting bay will be the same results you experience on the course.

Is it better to get fit on grass or
artificial turf?

We use Fiberbuilt mats that perform very close to turf and TrackMan has proven that. Some small outliers may exist, but Fiberbuilt has been tested and performed at levels proven to be very similar to grass.

What should I bring to my fitting?

Bring your current golf clubs, a golf glove, golf shoes (or gym shoes) and casual/golf clothing to swing in.

Do I have to do a full bag fitting in
one session or can I break it up?

We can break a full bag fitting into two sessions if requested because we are not held to the same time constraints as a big box store. The first session would be two hours; the second would take as long as necessary to finish the rest of the fitting.

Does Club Champion do anything
other than fitting and building?

Unlike other fitters that sell apparel, accessories or give lessons, Club Champion only fits and sells golf clubs — it’s all we do, so we do it better than anyone else. We offer a variety of related services, like club repair, re-gripping, club customization, stamping, re-shafting and more.

What are common club
fitting misconceptions?
  • I’m not good enough for a fitting. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you care about getting better, get fit, find your shortcomings and come up with a plan to fix them.
  • It’s too expensive. It doesn’t have to be. That’s why you and your fitter work on options and performance upgrades that work within your budget.
  • I have to have a certain brand. Coming in with an open mind is s huge asset toward getting the best performing clubs for your game.
  • There’s only one right fit. That is sometimes the case, but there are sometimes multiple ways to solve the problem. That’s why working with a great fitter who can explain the options and solutions is so important.


Are custom golf clubs more
expensive than off-the-rack clubs?

With a proper fitting, there are two things that make up the cost of the golf club: the head and the shaft. Our prices on heads or stock-built clubs are exactly the same as everywhere else. A driver that is $399 at the big box mega store is $399 from us. The difference is we don’t recommend using the stock shaft that comes with the driver. In most of cases, it is a lower quality shaft. Instead, we find the best shaft for you and that is often a higher quality aftermarket shaft like those played on Tour.

Equally important to the fitting is the building. We will build your set one club at a time to hit the proper length, lie, loft, swingweight, etc. with other performance-boosting elements like shaft PUREing. Custom building adds cost but if it is not built right, you won’t see the proper results from a great fit.

After the fitting, am I obligated to
buy clubs from Club Champion?

You are never obligated to buy clubs from Club Champion. You’re able to purchase as many or as few as you’d like, or even request that we update your current set. That said, we build to the tightest tolerances in the industry and with factors like swingweight, loft/lie and more in play, a custom Club Champion build is the only way to ensure that the club you tested is the one you buy.

Is the fitting fee applied to the cost
of the recommended golf clubs?

Simply put, it is not. Our immersive fitting experience is driven by factors like an expansive demo matrix, cutting-edge technology, extensive training for fitter and builders — there is a significant cost in maintaining these assets.

We try to explain it like this: If a store is offering a free fitting, they don’t have the technology or variety to offer you the very best in custom fitting. Being the best in the business means we have to charge for our fitting experience.

Do you offer a guarantee that
ensures my clubs will perform
as expected?

We stand behind the performance of every club we build. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures that the results you see on the golf course match those seen in the fitting bay. If you’re having issues with your custom clubs, contact your fitter within 90 days to set up a free appointment to fix or replace your clubs.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. We also now offer 18 months special financing.

Does Club Champion offer a warranty
on my clubhead, shaft, and grip?

Club Champion does not offer a warranty on club components; that is reliant upon the manufacturer and varies from brand to brand. Please visit our warranties page for more information.

Can I make modifications
to my order once it's placed?

If you wish to modify your order by swapping out parts, the request for modification must be made within one (1) business day (M-F) of placing the order — we do not allow exceptions. Since your clubs are ordered custom to match your specifications, we are unable to cancel orders once they are placed.

What is Club Champion
refund policy?

Club Champion does not accept returned clubs or provide refunds. Because components are ordered and assembled to your custom specifications, we are unable to offer refunds and can only modify orders up to one (1) business day after they are placed. 

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