Club Champion is the largest, company owned #1 premium golf club fitting retailer in the United States. We offer the finest technology for custom golf club fitting that will produce results. The following are the most common golf club fitting questions and answers.

Why is getting a Tour-level fitting with Club Champion different from a Big Box megastore or a Demo Day at the club?

When it comes to getting fit for golf clubs, in order to do it absolutely to the best of your ability, you need to look for four key things:

Demo Equipment:  How many brands of heads and shafts can you hit during your fitting session and even better, can you mix and match them.  At the end of the day, the more choices you have, the better.  If you’re only getting fit with one or two fitting carts and/or demo bags, you are not getting even close to the breadth of equipment combinations available today.

Technology:  A launch monitor is a MUST, but which one is important as well.  Many are good, but Trackman is still the de facto launch monitor the pros trust and so should you.  For putting analysis, the Science and Motion PuttLab is still second to none in terms of the data it delivers to help you decide which type of putter is best for you.

Your Fitter:  If you think reading a launch monitor and saying “You’re spin is too high, try this” is all there is to club fitting, think again.  There is an art to the science behind all of this, and if your fitter hasn’t been fitting for long or hasn’t seen a couple hundred people, you’re taking your chances that your fitter truly knows what he’s doing.

Club Building:  At the end of all of this, if you have a perfect 3 for 3 score from above but your clubs are built in the ‘custom shop’ of a manufacturer (ie assembly line) your odds of getting the clubs built exactly to your specifications decrease considerably.  No two sets should be alike, and you need someone to get those lofts, lies, lengths and swing weights dead-on to take full advantage of any club fitting process.

So there you have it.  Keep an eye on those 4 key elements and you’re golden.  They’re all equally important, so don’t skimp on one or two and think you’re going to get the optimum equipment for you. 

Of course we can, and we can even fit you for your putter, which accounts for 40% of your strokes but is often the most overlooked club in the bag!

You can find our pricing for all of our fittings here.

It’s a lot.  We only fit using the top brands in the industry.  We do NOT carry our own ‘House Brands’ of clubs.  You can see the full list here

Our fitting studios are indoors.  We believe that the most effective way to fit golf clubs is to take away the elements of weather and the static indoor environment is the best way to do that.  

For example, imagine someone who plays a fade hitting outdoors into a fade wind.  That club fitting will then be geared towards turning the ball over into that particular wind condition.  We want to find the clubs that work best with all elements being static, so the golfer can take those clubs to the course and adjust accordingly.

Bring your golf clubs, golf shoes (or gym shoes) and casual/golf clothing to swing in.

There’s no set amount of time, everyone’s fitting is different.  Generally speaking a Full Bag takes approx. 3.5 hours, Complete Long Game 2 hours, Irons & Driver 1.5 hours, Fairways/Hybrids, Putter and Wedges about 1 hour.

We’re not held to the same time constraints as a Big Box megastore.  However long it takes to get your fitting right is how long we’ll spend with you.  Period.

You are never obligated to buy clubs from Club Champion.  However, we build the clubs to the EXACT specifications that came from your fitting.  The likelihood you can have your set built properly outside of a precision building operation like ours is quite low unfortunately.

We wish we could, but we can’t apply fitting fees towards the purchase of golf clubs.  The Trackman’s, the SAM PuttLab’s, that enormous wall of heads and shafts that we constantly refresh, it’s an enormous effort from a cost standpoint and we’d be out of business if we didn’t charge for our fittings.  An easy way to think about it is this way:  Any golf store that can give you a free fitting doesn’t have the right technology or the right people in place to do it properly.

No one can stock EVERYTHING.  We can get any product in the industry, don’t you worry.  

We stand behind the performance of every club we build.  If you ever have an issue with your clubs, contact your fitter and get right back into the store to look at it and address it.

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.  Sorry, no Bit Coins (yet)!


Delivery time is dependent on the type of build. The standard delivery time for Club Champion custom-built clubs is 10 business days. We'll make every attempt to improve upon this timeline to deliver your clubs ahead of schedule. We also offer expedited delivery options.

Clubs built by the Manufacturer (OEM) may take longer than 10 business days and they are dependent on OEM build time and product availability. Delivery times vary by manufacturer and time of year. When Retro-PUREing an OEM build, we will need additional time to disassemble, PURE the  shafts, and rebuild the club(s) to your specifications.

If you want it done to a golf club, we’ve done it and we can do it.

All stores are company-owned and contain the same technology, the same demo clubs, a very experienced staff, the same club building and repair capability…the same everything.