How it Works


Schedule a time and select a
type of fitting

We offer seven different fitting options from a single club to the entire bag.
Count on spending at least an hour to fit a single club, and up to four hours for
an entire bag. Creating the perfect clubs to match your swing takes time
but it’s fun and informative.

Booking a fitting is as easy as calling or visiting your nearest location or you
can book a fitting here.


You’ll be taking some swings with the clubs you want to improve in our
state-of-the-art hitting bay so be sure to bring those clubs, plus your shoes
and glove.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your fitting so you have enough time to
stretch and warm up.

Meet your Certified fitter

After introductions, you’ll fill out a brief player profile so your fitter gains a
complete understanding of your playing history and goals. Your fitter will
carefully explain what to expect from your fitting. Then it’s time to have
some serious fun.

Analyze your swing and putting stroke

Using equipment that set the industry standards for swing and putting
stroke analysis, your fitter will have you hit some balls using your current
clubs. This creates a benchmark of how well they perform which you can see
for yourself on the nearby computer screen.

Create, then hit with your ideal clubs

Armed with your swing and stroke data, you and your fitter will select from
35,000+ club components to create clubs that will maximize the effects of
your hitting motion.

Then it’s back to the hitting bay with your new clubs so you can collect new
swing and ball flight data. Once your new data is in hand, you’ll compare and
analyze the “before” and “after” results with your fitter.

Decide which clubs to purchase

At this point you should have all the data you need to make an
informed decision.

  • Swing and ball flight analysis figures
  • “Before” and “after” club performance numbers
  • Detailed spec sheet of clubs, shafts and grips that worked best
  • Quote to purchase—prices of all components clearly spelled out

You can choose to purchase all the recommended clubs, some of them or
none at all. We can even make modifications to your existing clubs if you
like. It’s completely your decision with no pressure from us.

Let the hand-building begin

The components you’ve selected are painstakingly assembled by hand in
our facility by master builders with years of experience. Your clubs will be
built to the tightest tolerances so that the club specifications determined
in your fitting end up in your bag. Custom touches you’ve specified are also
incorporated at this time.

Delivery in 7-10 business days*

We’ll frequently update you on the status of your clubs. You can pick up your
finished clubs at your Club Champion location or we can ship them to your
home or office.

Covered by the Perfect Fit Guarantee

Buying clubs from us isn’t just a transaction, it’s the beginning of a lifelong
relationship. If they should ever fail to meet your expectations, you are welcome
to come back so we can make it right by fixing or replacing your clubs.

* The standard delivery time for Club Champion custom-built clubs is 10 business days. Manufacturer (OEM) builds may take longer than 10 business days and they are dependent on OEM build times and product availability. Delivery times vary by manufacturer and time of year. When Retro-PUREing a manufacturer build, we will need additional time to disassemble, PURE the shafts and rebuild the club(s) to your specifications.