Club Champion - 2018 Lamkin Grip Line

Lamkin TS1, Sonar, and Comfort Plus

The new 2018 Lamkin grip line is here. The series features two new high-performance grips, TS1 and Sonar, along with a softer grip, Comfort Plus, all of which are designed for consistency and control.

The new TS1 is a distinctive high-performance grip and combines functional micro-textures with proprietary, hybrid materials to deliver exceptional feel and performance. The hybrid materials are slightly softer than traditional rubber grips with exceptional durability and torsion control. It is also created with a dual compound construction with a control zone in the lower hand to enhance grip confidence and eliminate unnecessary grip tension. The micro-texture technology features multiple functional-surface patterns and is designed to optimize torsional stability and grip control. With a straighter profile and a slightly larger lower hand, the TS1 is the ideal light-pressure grip for greater consistency and control.

The additional performance-enhancing grip is the Sonar. It combines a network of functional micro-textures with a slightly softer and highly durable material. The new Sonar provides outstanding comfort and unmatched performance. It is made with a proprietary hybrid compound that is slightly softer than traditional rubber grips, but with exceptional durability and grip control. The system of functional micro-textures provides torsional stability in the upper hand and performance-enhancing control panels in the lower hand. Like the TS1, it offers a straighter profile and a slightly larger lower hand, promoting the ideal light-pressure grip for greater consistency and control. What's different about the Sonar from the TS1 is that it is tacky and offers a responsive feel. It also has an exceptionally comfortable texture and the material and grip shape is ideally suited for a wide range of golfers.

The Comfort Plus is an ultra-comfortable alternative to polyurethane golf grips. Comfort Plus is made of a proprietary rubber compound that is both appealingly soft and exceptionally durable. It is also composed of Lamkin’s new DSX material, which was developed to provide a super soft feel that lasts round after round. The grip’s shallow micro-texture pattern offers the ideal amount of surface traction for golfers who prefer the feel of a softer, more comfortable grip. The Comfort Plus' unique manufacturing process and an unbuffed finish deliver an extremely tacky grip surface and responsive feel. It offers a straighter profile, a slightly larger lower hand, and promotes the ideal light-grip pressure for greater consistency and control.

About the plus size grip profile:

Lamkin’s new Plus size grips feature a straighter, reduced-taper shape to eliminate excess grip tension and allow a golfer’s hands to work in unison for greater shot control and consistency. It is 50 percent less taper than traditional grips. A slightly smaller circumference in the upper hand combined with a larger circumference in the lower hand creates a straighter grip shape that feels consistent in both hands. Traditional grip sizes feature a consistent taper that increases in diameter by 20-25 percent from the tip to the cap. The Lamkin Plus sizes are available in standard and midsize options in the new TS1, Sonar, and Comfort Plus.

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