Aerotech Gener8 Graphite Shafts Are All About the Quality of the Strike

All-new from Aerotech Golf, the Gener8 graphite iron shafts are specifically designed for golfers looking for a high-performance graphite shaft that produces longer, higher and consistent ball flights. Aerotech originally designed shafts for better players but wanted to bring that same technology to a vast range of golfers moving from steel construction to composite. Now they can fit any player profile. This product is not limited to mid to high handicappers though; better players can benefit from a higher ball flight as well.

Aerotech President Chris Hilleary states, "For a graphite shaft to contribute to the distance or length of a golf shot, it’s really about clubhead speed and the quality of strike that will maximize distance." To that end, Aerotech is producing a lighter shaft similar to their SteelFiber product. They’ve optimized the tip and butt profiles to create the higher launch conditions and make it easier to get the ball airborne. For instance, the senior flex will have a softer tip than the regular flex. The stiff flex will have an even firmer tip. Hilleary adds, “These shafts are perfectly suited to the kind of club fitting Club Champion provides. They can absolutely dial in specific performance for golfers of all levels.”

Featuring a unique seamless filament wound core with a higher elastic composite micro-fiber outer veil, Gener8 graphite iron shafts deliver maximum distance without sacrificing control. The outer veil maintains the shaft's uniformity and delivers consistency around the circumference of the shaft.


Aerotech Gener8 Graphite Shafts Are All About the Quality of the Strike


Aerotech's filament wound process involves winding the filaments around a spinning mandrel, which Hilleary believes creates a seamless and more uniform bending shaft. The continuous and seamless layers of filament wound graphite are protected by the outer veil maintaining the shafts uniformity by eliminating any sanding of the most load-bearing outer graphite fibers. Hilleary adds that any variation in thickness can cause oscillation in the clubhead which leads to inconsistencies in performance. This extremely symmetrical shaft combined with the high level of bending uniformity means the iron head will dependably and repeatedly be delivered back to the ball at impact to create maximum energy transfer.

According to Hilleary, “If you take any golf shaft, the top of the curve is under tension and the bottom of the shaft is under compression. There are two main techniques for making a shaft. One is a table roll where they take sheets of graphite and roll them onto a mandrel. Where those sheets start and stop creates a seam that can create a variation in wall thickness which then can create a difference in stiffness as you rotate the shaft during the swing. The inconsistencies in the shaft walls tend to be greater as shafts get lighter. This variation is nowhere near as prevalent in thicker walled shafts.”

Hilleary goes on to say, “We partner with Club Champion because they are the leader in the high-end, premium retail channel. For the longest time, the average, typical golfer thought that club fitting was beneficial only for the better player or Tour player, when in fact club fitting is more beneficial for the average, recreational player. We are big fans of how Club Champion is championing custom fitting. We love that custom club fitting provides a better product for the consumer. And it also provides a better experience for golfers. It’s fantastic for the industry and it's great for golfers.”



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