Aldila Rogue Elite Series Shafts

Aldila Rogue Elite

The Rogue Elite features the same innovative design and graphitic carbon material technology that made the Aldila Rogue a leading shaft on the PGA Tour. Each Elite shaft design is digitally measured in three separate flex zones to identify the tip-flex, mid-flex and butt-flex, offering detailed weight, torque, frequency and tip-flex information. 

The Elite series was designed based on feedback from fitting professionals looking for a unique shaft model that would stand out among the other offerings, while providing more precise shaft fitting flexibility. It is only available through professional club fitters.

The Elite Clubmaker’s series is offered in three different launch profiles –Orange (high launch), Blue (mid launch) and Green (low launch), each with two different weight offerings – 55 gram and 65 gram. Orange is geared more toward slower swing speed players who are looking for additional help with their driver or fairway woods. It is going to launch the ball a little bit higher and be somewhat softer towards the tip. 

The Blue model is a mid-launch, mid-spin trajectory option. Golfers who are looking to pick up a little bit more distance but prefer a tighter profile for a narrower dispersion would gravitate to this model. Additional torque delivers that tighter profile, meaning your mis-hits will not be as wild. 

The Green version is geared toward higher swing speed, lower spin players, who prefer to launch on a lower trajectory. These players tend to be lower handicap golfers who generate a lot of clubhead speed. Even with a much quicker transition, these players will be able to control the Green better than the Blue or Orange.

Aldila is a wholly-owned subdivision of Mitsubishi Chemical. They are able to produce some of the finest shafts because they make them from scratch. They not only manufacture the final product, they also produce all the critical raw materials from which the shafts are made. Over the last 30 years, the company has developed more than a thousand different formulations of resin and over 100 types of fiber for numerous performance-based applications, including golf shafts. The materials used in Aldila golf shafts are the same components that are used in aerospace and automotive products for the likes of Boeing, BMW, Audi and many more. 

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