Golfweek - Three Keys to Buying a Better Game

Three Keys To ‘Buying’ A Better Game

By Leonard Finkel


If new clubs meant you would drive the ball 20 yards longer and drop several strokes, would you reach for your credit card? According to a and Club Champion study, “Fitting Matters!” Based on the data and player interviews, it’s clear that correctly fit clubs help golfers of all levels – “you can actually buy a better game with properly fit clubs.” The study found golfers gained 22 yards off the tee, up to 15 yards with their irons and lowered their scores by an average of 3 strokes per round.

Club Champion is the #1 premium club fitter and a highly regarded expert in the field. Ranked by among the 100 best club fitters year after year, they offer more than 35,000 hittable head and shaft combinations, the best-trained master fitters, nearly every brand in golf, plus unrivaled, in-house club building. I spoke with Club Champion founder, Nick Sherburne, who gave me three key tips on what you should look for when buying new equipment.


The industry has taught us that the head is the most important component of a golf club. However, the proper shaft is actually more important. The shaft powers the clubhead and is critical to how well the club performs. If your shaft doesn’t optimize your swing, then you’re not maximizing your clubhead. Buying the ideal club off the rack is almost impossible because there is no industry standard that defines an R, S, or X flex shaft. The way to determine your best shaft/head combination is to use a skilled fitter working with a launch monitor.

Club Champion begins all fittings by evaluating the shaft, not only to determine the appropriate flex, but also the proper shaft weight. They utilize a unique coupling system that allows you to combine any shaft and head together. Most fitters use fitting carts provided by club manufacturers that limit their ability to mix-and-match components across carts. Club Champion, on the other hand, offers hundreds of shaft options, many not available from most other fitters and retailers. “Club Champion is the #1 club fitter, builder, and retailer of the best brands in golf. With over 35,000 head and shaft combinations, they will find the perfect clubs for you.” DAVID LEADBETTER, WORLD-RENOWNED INSTRUCTOR


All driver models have distinctive characteristics that affect launch angle, spin rate and ball speed. Look for a clubhead that provides maximum distance, control and feel for your swing. Launch monitors identify which head and shaft combinations deliver the highest Smash Factor, ball speed and controlled spin.

Irons are even more complex because golfers need to choose between design features like offset, leading edge, lie angle, weighting and varying degrees of cavity back, which all impact playability. These design elements can counter a fade, a hook or promote better and more consistent contact. That’s why it is so important for a fitter to blend your swing characteristics with the correct components.


Often overlooked is swingweight, which is a measurement of weight distribution of the club. This impacts how your club feels when you swing it. With today’s widely variable shaft, clubhead and grip weights, getting the right swingweight is more important than ever. A heavier swingweight will make a shaft play looser; lighter makes it play stiffer. The key application of swingweight is matching clubs within a set. If your clubs aren’t properly matched, they will likely feel different as you swing them. Club Champion is one of the few fitters that emphasizes and checks for swingweight.

It is clear that buying clubs off the rack or at a demo day is not the best idea. In fact, world-renowned instructor David Leadbetter says, “It never ceases to amaze me that golfers buy clubs off-the-shelf and assume they are right for them. Whether you are an accomplished golfer or a casual one, getting a Club Champion club fitting is one of the quickest ways to improve your game.”

Club Champion’s approach is unbiased; no specific vendor is promoted. The goal – find the best combination of components to lower your scores. Club Champion will soon have 37 studios across the country. Don’t just buy clubs, buy guaranteed improvement. For more information, visit or call 888-893-5521.