JAWS MD5 Wedges: Callaway Gets Aggressive

JAWS MD5 Wedges: Callaway Gets Aggressive

According to the company, Callaway’s JAWS MD5 wedges are a breakthrough in wedge design and performance. The result is a wedge that delivers total performance: premium shapes, striking finishes, outstanding feel, unique versatility and exceptional spin.

The JAWS groove dramatically differs from the previous design in MD4 to promote significantly more spin and control. The walls, edges and angles are milled into the face with extreme precision to achieve the sharpest edges and tightest tolerances ever achieved by Callaway for maximum grip and spin from all types of lies.

Steven Sourigno, Callaway Product Manager for woods, irons and wedges, explained, “When you try to manufacture something this precise, that process needs to be really good or else you’re going to have inconsistencies. Roger was able to design it in such a way that we can manufacture consistently across all the lofts. That’s our secret sauce. That’s what sets us apart. Literally every groove is going to be the same from club to club.” 

Sourigno added, “What the Tour players are getting is what the guy in a store is going to get. What a golfer gets fit for at a Club Champion location is going to deliver the same performance, although obviously the results will differ depending on the player, but the performance will be there.” JAWS grooves are particularly effective from 80 yards and in, producing a “one hop and stop” trajectory.

JAWS MD5 also incorporates Groove-In-Groove technology. These milled grooves are placed in the flat parts of the face for added face roughness and gripping power. Three raised micro-ridges are placed between each groove to increase spin on a variety of shots. This combination of JAWS grooves plus micro-grooves provides 84 different contact points to promote additional spin. In discussing how the grooves work together, Sourigno explained how, as the ball goes up the face, the cover will go into the grooves or microgrooves, “But just like wide receiver gloves in football, if you can get more grip, you can help the ball rotate more. You can hold onto the ball and get more surface contact and therefore impart more spin.”

Roger Cleveland delivers a satisfying feel by matching creative designs with the appropriate materials. JAWS MD5 is constructed from 8620 mild carbon steel while the center of gravity is precisely placed to create that soft feel. Wedges lofted from 46º to 52º are slightly smaller compared to wedges lofted 54º and above to create a natural shape-progression from the short-irons (8- and 9-) to the highest lofted wedges.

These wedges feature precise and appealing detailing that give them a premium look. They retain the row of four ports and medallions on the back of the head that make Callaway wedges immediately identifiable. Two premium finish options are available: Platinum Chrome and Tour Grey.

The new low-bounce W Grind is a direct result of Tour player feedback. Tour pros asked for a new grind that delivers increased playability around the green while still allowing them to employ the sole’s entire bounce on full shots. Roger Cleveland delivered by increasing the sole-taper and heel relief.

In order to help golfers deal with a wide variety of playing conditions and match wedges to individual swing types, JAWS MD5 wedges are available in 23 combinations of loft and sole grinds. The specific grinds are:
C – A moderately wide sole with relief in the heel and toe areas.
X – A higher-bounce version of the C-Grind aimed at golfers with a steeper angle of attack.
S – A sole for players who rarely open up the clubface.
W – A wide-soled option with extra bounce.
Low W – Popular on the PGA Tour, this grind has a narrow heel so players can open the face, which is especially good for playing off of tight lies.



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