Club Champion - Dave Pelz

Dave Pelz

At the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School at PGA National Resort & Spa, golfers learn proven short game and putting techniques from the game’s leading experts. The Pelz instructors specialize in the shots and skills linked closest to scoring, those inside of 100 yards. Pelz's data says golfers “lose 80 percent of their shots to par” in that range.

A soft-landing pitch over a sand trap? A daunting escape from a greenside bunker? Dialing in those “in-between” wedge distances? Offered in one-, two- or three-day school programs, the Pelz School runs a fast-moving agenda, geared toward improved techniques and designing a path to long-term improvement. To learn “the shots you need for the scores you want” from Dave Pelz’s expert staff, sign up for a three-day Dave Pelz Scoring Game School Program at Watch Dave Pelz's chip tip video below.