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Better Than A Golf Lesson

— August 2016

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By Alan Darty

If you play golf, you are always looking for ways to get better…it’s part of the game. No matter what your score or handicap is, you want to go lower. Do a Goggle search for How to get better at Golf and over 216 million results are returned.

With the millions of ways everyone is wanting to tell us how to improve, I think I have found the best: Get custom fitted clubs from Club Champion.

Many amateur golfers think they aren’t good enough to get custom fit.  It’s really just the opposite, you might not be good enough because you haven’t been custom fitted.  Golfers that are trying to swing a club whose length, weight, lie angle, shaft flex or grip size doesn’t match their body encourages unnatural compensations that prevent them from developing proper mechanics.

In general, the higher the handicap of the golfer, the more the golfer will experience definite, visible shot improvement results from a custom fitting by Club Champion.

To get the most out of a custom club fitting, you need to understand that ‘you are good enough to be custom fit’. Some of the better players can overcome poorly produced clubs which this still enables them to continue to play at such a high level, but not the rest of the golfing population.

The next time you go to the golf course or the driving range, take a moment to observe the differences in the golfers you see. Look at how they differ in their size, strength, athletic ability and most of all, in their swing characteristics. Then stop and think how most people buy golf clubs…simply go to the store and pick out a set of clubs that have already been built to a pre-ordained series of standard specifications determined by each golf club company. Would you buy eye glasses like that? I don’t think so; golf clubs should be no different.

Now that I have convinced you why you need a custom fitting, let me tell you about my Club Champion custom fitting. I needed (wanted) a new driver, so instead of just going out and buying the driver that has the biggest advertising budget, I decided to let Club Champion fit me to the driver that would actually help my game. After all, I do want to get better.

I showed up for my appointment and was greeted by Rob, we chatted a little to take the pressure off and he asked me how I was hitting my driver. After discussing my tendencies, he had me start warming up with my current driver. Once warmed up, we started the session. My warm-up session (data) had actually been used by Rob as a guide for a couple of different shaft/head choices to get us started. The next 60 minutes consisted of me hitting different combinations of heads and shafts. When he thought he had found a shaft that fit me, Rob would swap out heads and compare the results. He would then make some notes and start again, with different heads and shafts. A lot like going to the eye doctor when he constantly asks if you can see better with number 1 or number 2, then number 1 or number 3 but the difference here was the machine told us which shaft/head was better.

By the time the session was over, I think I had swung every shaft/head combination known to man or machine. All during the session Rob was coaching me up, making sure I had good ball placement, good posture and making sure I wasn’t over swinging. He really did a great job of encouraging and keeping me relaxed while keeping it a golf club fitting session not a golf lesson.  He did a good job of keeping it light, staying on task, and not talking it up so much as to get distracted.

We went over the launch monitor numbers and decided the 13.5 degree Callaway XR 16 with a UST Mamiya VTS TOUR SPX shaft was the driver for me. To prove the point, he had me hit that head/shaft combination a few more times and even with my inconsistent swing, I was convinced that this was the right driver for me.

With the Tour SPX shaft I picked up four miles per hour on my swing speed and the 13.5 degree head helped to get the ball up into the air. My confidence level was also lifted and I was ready to get the driver out on the course.

Overall I was extremely satisfied with the custom club fitting.  Rob listened to me and then used the launch monitor to find the exact combination of shaft and head to give me the best opportunity to hit the ball consistently off of the tee and get it in the fairway.

Fast Forward 60 days

I’m still happy with my Callaway XR16 and Tour SPX shaft. I’m hitting more fairways, getting the ball up in the air and getting more distance than I was with my old driver. I got all I was promised with my new driver.

If you want longer drives, lower scores and more satisfaction, take the next step by contacting Club Champion and get fitted.


Club Champion

Some of the Shafts and Driver Heads Available at Club Champion

Why is getting a Tour-level fitting with Club Champion different from a Big Box megastore or a Demo Day at the club?

When it comes to getting fit for golf clubs, in order to do it absolutely to the best of your ability, you need to look for four key things:

Demo Equipment:  How many brands of heads and shafts can you hit during your fitting session and even better, can you mix and match them.  At the end of the day, the more choices you have, the better.  If you’re only getting fit with one or two fitting carts and/or demo bags, you are not getting even close to the breadth of equipment combinations available today.

Technology:  A launch monitor is a MUST, but which one is important as well.  Many are good, but Trackman is still the de facto launch monitor the pros trust and so should you.

Your Fitter:  If you think reading a launch monitor and saying “You’re spin is too high, try this” is all there is to club fitting, think again.  There is an art to the science behind all of this, and if your fitter hasn’t been fitting for long or hasn’t seen a couple hundred people, you’re taking your chances that your fitter truly knows what he’s doing.

Club Building:  At the end of all of this, if you have a perfect 3 for 3 score from above but your clubs are built in the ‘custom shop’ of a manufacturer (ie assembly line) your odds of getting the clubs built exactly to your specifications decrease considerably.  No two sets should be alike, and you need someone to get those lofts, lies, lengths and swing weights dead-on to take full advantage of any club fitting process.


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