Club Champion Exclusive:
Cobra King Tour Raw Wedge

Club Champion Exclusive: Cobra King Tour Raw Wedge

The beautiful raw finish of the Cobra King Tour Raw wedges was modeled explicitly after Rickie Fowler’s customized wedges, and this exclusive line is only available through Club Champion.

These clubs feature a softened leading edge plus heel and toe relief. Thinner soles and higher bounce combine to deliver optimal performance from a variety of turf conditions. Their grind provides even more versatility and shot options out of medium to firm turf conditions. These clubs are perfect for golfers who tend to take medium to shallow divots.

These Cobra wedges are great for bunker shots–the combination of a wide sole and low bounce prevents the leading edge from digging to maintain a consistent trajectory and spin.

CNC milling optimizes face roughness and also creates sharper groove edges for improved spin. Progressive groove designs feature wider, shallower grooves in the weaker lofts (50 – 54 degrees) and narrow, tighter grooves in the stronger lofts (56 – 60 degrees). Their proprietary notch design allows the sole and trailing edge to sit lower to the ground at address on both square and open-faced shots.

Club Champion Exclusive Cobra King Tour Raw Wedge smThe unique raw finish improves spin performance and creates a softer feel. Their long term character evolves as time and the elements change the outward appearance to a one-of-a-kind look.

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