Clubhead Speed - Technology and Club Fitting


Clubhead speeds continue to rise on the PGA Tour. Club Champion Founder and Head of Club Fitting, Nick Sherburne, attributes improvements in club fitting technology to some of the clubhead speed gains referenced by the Golf Digest Stix article, How Fast are PGA Tour Clubhead Speeds?

Said Sherburne, "Technology advancements in golf products and the sheer number of offerings in combination with launch monitor technology has allowed golfers to understand how their equipment is affecting their performance. It allows us to dial in and deliver golfers more swing speed."

When asked how much clubhead speed club fitters are able to add to a golfer's swing with a club fitting, Sherburne quoted from 0 mph to as much as 10 mph. He explains, “Having the ability to find and hone in the clubs and shafts that maximize swing speed has allowed golfers to swing more freely, confidently and naturally, leading to more clubhead speed without giving up any accuracy."

So how fast are PGA Tour clubhead speeds? According to Golf Digest, it depends on which PGA Tour pros you’re talking about. It’s also changed a lot in the past decade.

The interesting graphic below from official PGA Tour stats, which comes from fitness coach Ross Eves, shows how much swing speeds have increased on Tour since 2007:

pga club head speeds

Clubhead speed improved by a marginal 1.35 mph between 2007 and 2017. But more importantly, among the highest and lowest averages, there has been an increase of nearly 4 mph. Furthermore, the number of players swinging faster than 120 mph doubled from nine to eighteen during that same period.

At Club Champion, we believe technology gains in equipment and better fittings have contributed to the increases in clubhead speed among PGA Tour players and amatuers alike. See if they make a difference for you. Call Club Champion at 888-340-7820 or book online.