Cobra - King Forged TEC Black Irons

COBRA’s KING Forged TEC Black Irons

Cobra's King Forged TEC Black Irons deliver a softer feel, improved power, and a new, dark finish. Utilizing a dynamic combination of cutting-edge face, finish, and feel technologies, the King Forged TEC Black Irons provide golfers with a balance of form, function, distance, and feel.

Like all 2018 Cobra King equipment introductions, these irons feature the innovative Cobra Connect system. Providing Tour-level analytics, it helps players gain insight into their game to make smarter, data-driven decisions and improve faster. Electronically embedded sensors in the grip automatically record the distance and accuracy of every shot so golfers can track their improvements from round-to-round. The fully connected set works in conjunction with the Arccos 360 smartphone application, providing advanced rangefinder GPS distances for more than 40,000 courses.

Consumers who purchase a standard 7-piece set of King Forged TEC Black Irons in any configuration (Variable or One Length) will also receive additional Arccos 360 screw-in sensors to round out their 14-club set, ensuring a fully connected experience.

"Better players are going to love the combination of soft feel, Tour-level precision, and maximum playability that the King Forged TEC Black Irons provide," said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for Cobra Puma Golf. "With some incredible new innovations, these irons will allow golfers to get dialed-in for more greens-in-regulation and better scoring while maintaining their sleek look round-after-round."

Both the King Forged TEC Black and King Forged TEC Black One Length Irons feature a forged 4140 stainless steel face that is thinner and stronger to provide improved deflection and increased ball speed. The Technology Enhanced Cavity utilizes a 100% carbon fiber medallion that dampens vibrations to provide a softer, yet more solid feel at impact. According to Cobra, its Dimonized Black Metal matte finish boasts the industry's most durable satin black finish, reducing glare and providing extreme wear resistance while maintaining the look and feel of a classic forged iron.

Ensuring maximum playability, these irons utilize high-density tungsten weights that are strategically placed on the heel and toe of the clubhead to lower the center of gravity for improved forgiveness and precision.

The King Forged TEC Black One Length irons offer an added dimension of consistency. Engineers have manipulated the design of each iron to match the weight and length of a 7-iron, allowing for one simple, repeatable swing throughout the set. This is primarily achieved through progressive tungsten sole weights in the mid and long irons to deliver matching 7-iron head weights for each iron in the set.

In addition, lie angles have been adjusted to optimize ball flight in the One Length set configuration. Long irons have a more upright lie angle, while the short irons and wedges have a slightly flatter lie angle, delivering a more consistent trajectory and ball flight.

A club study completed at Club Champion showed a 12.1 yard increase in distance, a ball speed improvement of 1.3mph and a higher launching trajectory with a max height distance improvement of 5 yards in the new Cobra King Forged Tec Irons over the older model.

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