The new EPON irons bring classic forged shapes into the modern technology era of thin faces, oversized shapes, and enhanced forgiveness. A subsidiary of Endo Manufacturing of Japan, EPON has been forging irons for premium OEM’s since the 1960s. While EPON provides premium forgings for major OEMs, those projects must operate within a budget. EPON products are the epitome of what a forging manufacturer is capable of producing without any pricing limitations.

With its new AF-505, EPON set out to create an iron that combined unparalleled forgiveness and ball-speed with the traditional forged feel and workability of their AF-Tour models. Using a revolutionary new forging technique, they achieved that goal, producing an iron with the thinnest face of any 1-piece forging. It delivers the buttery feel of a blade yet performs as if it was a game-improvement iron.  The addition of a perimeter weighting system lowers the CG, allowing for less offset and a shorter blade length compared to the AF-503, while still increasing overall MOI. 

The AF-505 shifts from two-piece construction to a single-piece forging that utilizes Japanese S20C carbon steel. A face that is approximately 25 percent thinner is just two millimeters, about the thickness of a nickel. This new forging technology and special head coating on the surface generates the long distance of pocket iron and soft feel of cavity iron. Heel and toe weight ports (adjustable by a qualified fitter) still produce similar launch and forgiveness to the previous models. The MOI of the AF-505 is actually higher than on the larger AF-503. The AF-505 is beautifully finished with eye-catching Nickel-Chromium Satin.

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