Fine Tuned For The Fairway: New Speed Engineered Mizuno Woods 

Fine Tuned For The Fairway: New Speed Engineered Mizuno Woods

Mizuno’s ST190 fairway woods are speed-engineered and feature a carbon composite crown and amplified wave soleplate positioned in a deeper, high-energy HT1770 maraging steel face. This deeper clubface flexes more like a driver, helping to maximize ball speed, while the ultra-lightweight carbon composite crown allows 4g of weight to be moved low within the clubhead to deliver an efficient, low-spin ball flight.

The soleplate’s larger first wave creates a balance between stability and sweet spot height to provide effective off-center forgiveness without excess backspin. Harmonic impact technology—similar to that found in drivers—generates a powerful, solid impact sound, fine-tuned through the study of vibration and sound waves.

The ST190 fairway woods are available in fixed-hosel 3- and 5-woods along with an adjustable Tour Spoon 3-wood model that offers a stronger ball flight with lofts that can be adjusted from 13˚ to 17˚.

“The ST190’s deeper face is not just useful from the tee—it also gives the clubface a larger frame that functions more like a driver for higher ball speed,” says Mizuno's Lead Engineer, Kei Tsjui. “Normally that is compromised by a higher sweet spot and additional backspin, but by using our carbon composite crown and wave soleplate, we were able to combine high ball speeds with an efficient ball flight.”

These fairway woods are available in a men’s 15˚ 3-wood (right and left hand), a men’s 18˚ 5-wood (right hand only) and a men’s adjustable 3-wood TS (13˚ to 17˚, right hand only).

Club Champion founder Nick Sherburne shares, “I have never seen a better fairway wood from Mizuno. This fairway wood is the real deal, combining a high energy HT1770 maraging steel face and lower spin chassis. Engineered using Mizuno’s amplified wave soleplate and carbon composite crown, it’s just an amazing club.”


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