Introducing The Fujikura Speeder Evolution TR Series Shafts

Introducing The Fujikura Speeder Evolution TR Series Shafts

According to Fujikura, the new Speeder TR shaft (“Tour Rated”) is designed as a result of requests from Tour pros for a specific feel and maximum performance. Eric Recher, Fujikura's director of marketing, relates, “We created an entirely new EI profile by stiffening the mid-section of the shaft and providing the proper bending on butt and tip side. The result is a very stable, mid-low launch and low spin shaft that produces exceptional ball speed.”

To understand golf shafts in more detail, you’ll need an awareness of three-point EI profiles, the linear strength of a golf shaft. EI is engineering shorthand for modulus of elasticity and area moment of inertia. Explained in English, it’s the elasticity of the shaft material and the thickness of the cross section of the shaft. These characteristics define the stiffness of the shaft at any specific point of the shaft. For example, if the walls are thicker, that section of the shaft is stiffer. If the graphite strands are running from butt to tip, the stiffness they give to the shaft is more than if they are angled in order to control torque.

In the modern world of sophisticated shaft design and construction, three-point EI profiling can reveal the linear bend character of a golf shaft. They show how the shaft bends under load. This information is vital for a competent fitter to deliver a premium club fitting. Club Champion master fitters are well-versed in how to utilize this technology.

New multi-plied hoop layers and 90-ton carbon fiber in the Speeder TR provide superior stability and additional clubhead speed for better players seeking lower spin and great feel. Because these shafts were specifically designed for Tour-level swings, they are only available in stiff and extra stiff profiles.

These shafts are a completely different profile than prior Speeder shafts because of their extremely stiff midsection. Previous Speeder profiles have a more gradual EI profile and softer midsections and stiffer tips. The premium 90-ton carbon fiber is the world’s stiffest carbon fiber. Fujikura notes that their fitters and Tour team have noticed flatter ball flights, lower spin and incredible consistency.

Specially designed laminate hoop layers, outside and inside, strengthen its structure, preventing ovalization and delivering better overall stability. These shafts feature a satin black paint finish. “In a nutshell,” adds Recher, “this is a completely different profile than our Evolution series, primarily with an ultra-stiff midsection. It’s a very low spinning shaft for most golfers and is picking up momentum on global Tours with players like Brandon Grace and Charl Schwartzel. Numerous others have it in hand for off-season testing.”

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