Go pro with Golf Pride PRO ONLY Putter Grips

Golf Pride, an industry leader in grip innovation, recently launched their all new PRO ONLY putter grip series. The company modernized their classic styles, which they say are preferred by the world’s best putters. Featuring three distinct shapes, these models were refined to deliver the highest degree of responsiveness and feel performance. The product was run through a tremendous amount of player testing with both amateurs and professionals. Everything that makes up the grip is vetted, from material, shape, texture, aesthetics and more.


Go pro with Golf Pride PRO ONLY Putter Grips 


This line of grips was designed for players seeking maximum feedback on the greens. The material is the firmest the company uses in the putter grip range, delivering its heightened responsiveness. This, in combination with the smaller shapes, works to get a player very close to the shaft, allowing them to have a close connection to the putter.

The enhanced feedback is created via a proprietary tuned rubber material, affording a new level of precision feel for better distance control on greens of all speeds. It’s tuned to be firmer versus soft. Think of it like a soft suspension on a car versus a stiffer suspension. The stiff racecar suspension allows the driver to feel every bump on the road; the softer suspension allows the driver to feel like they are floating along the road. Same principle with the firmer, buffed rubber.

The PRO ONLY putter grip series features three different models, each with their own unique shape and color-coordinated star at the end cap to help distinguish them at a glance. The red shape is more “horseshoe” and utilizes a slight pistol kick in the back for hand heel pad placement. The blue is more “shield”, with an angled profile and a wide, flat paddle front for thumb placement. The green grip is more “oval” in shape with an arched paddle front for thumb placement. All feel different when placed in a player's hands. But more importantly, the shapes are smaller and molded with firmer material. According to Golf Pride product manager Bruce Miller, the majority of players on Tour use smaller, standard size putter grips for maximum feel.

“Many people find it surprising that 70% of the top 30 putters on Tour prefer a smaller size putter grip. They prefer it because it allows them to gain greater feel, feedback and control. The PRO ONLY models deliver those Tour-preferred shapes with three uniquely optimized performance options,” added Miller. “The new PRO ONLY series enhances those marksman preferences with our new age materials, providing preferred shapes that have been trusted to win countless major championships.”



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