Honma Enters Game Improvement Market

In last month’s newsletter, we talked about Honma’s new game-improvement XP-1 irons. In this issue, will share information on the XP-1 drivers, fairways and hybrids.

According to the company, XP-1 drivers feature the industry’s lightest carbon crown which enables Honma engineers to create internal draw-bias weighting and high MOI. The club head uses Honma’s Double Slot technology which allows the entire front of the driver to flex. More flexing occurs in the heel and toe to help retain speed and accuracy on mishits, including shot enhancing gear effect. One channel is deep and the other shallow to produce the desired effect. Internal pads strengthen the face which allows it to flex even more.


Honma Enters Game Improvement Market


Honma’s drivers are initially hand-shaped from persimmon and then digitized into a computer-assisted design environment. Aesthetics are always a company concern, so the XP-1 driver head is not shaped like a typical game improvement club.

XP-1 fairway woods and hybrids were also designed with the innovative double slot, a low and deep center of gravity and a thin, fast face. This combination produces a high launch with added carry distance. Carbon is not included in either the fairways or hybrids but instead they feature a thin steel crown. In the fairways and hybrids, Honma product coordinator Preston Toulon said, “Carbon was not required because of the overall mass.” With all Honma clubs, “We give you everything you need and nothing that you don’t.”



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