Marking Ten Years With TaylorMade Spider X

Marking Ten Years With TaylorMade Spider X

The 10th generation of Spider high-MOI design mallet putters comes to life with the introduction of Spider X. A completely re-designed frame utilizes a dedicated weighting system and optically engineered sightline, featuring TaylorMade’s new True Path alignment system.

The genesis of the Spider X lies in research derived from more than ten thousand putts from a distance of twelve feet, with results showing that golfers strike the ball toward the toe of the putter 66% of the time. As a result, engineers strove to restructure the mass properties of the putter head while simultaneously introducing True Path, for easier alignment enhanced focus. Theoretically, this will lead to more putts being struck toward the center of the face.

Spider X features a more streamlined design than both the Spider Tour or Spider Mini putters that preceded it. The head shape provides more weight on the outside of the frame (36% on both perimeters v. 30%). The head of the Spider X is more stable than ever, with a deeper center of gravity; at 37mm, it's three times deeper than a traditional blade putter.

302054 TM19 SpiderX Hero 03 V1 (1) c22db7 large 1548696725For the first time, the frame of the Spider X incorporates three distinct weights: aluminum (2 grams), steel (6 grams) and tungsten (12 grams) to allow for optimized weight preference. It also features a composite core weighing a mere 15 grams. The putter’s head design was created using multi-material construction, delivering a slightly smaller head shape compared to the Spider Tour. Engineers reduced the size of the Spider X by 5% but were able to maintain the same MOI as Spider Tour.

These putters incorporate a thicker 5mm Pure Roll white surlyn insert for improved sound, feel and roll characteristics. The 12-groove insert promotes forward spin for a smoother roll, improved accuracy and better distance control. The composition and construction of the insert is specially engineered to bring the grooves into direct and active contact with the ball at impact, even on short putts. The face grooves, just 0.5mm deep, also serve to strategically soften the insert’s structure. Together, these factors are designed to put the grooves into direct contact with the cover of the ball at impact.

Pure Roll inserts are played on the PGA TOUR by TaylorMade staffers Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm, among many others.

Spider X putters are offered in both right and left-hand options, in two color combinations: copper and white or navy and white. The copper and white model is available in a short slant or single bend hosel, while the navy and white will only come in a short slant offering. Each is available in 33”, 34” or 35” lengths.

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