Golf Magazine - TaylorMade M CGB Iron Study

TaylorMade M CGB Iron

Working with Golf Magazine editor Mike Chwasky, Club Champion fitters tested the gamers of nine players against the new TaylorMade M CGB irons. According to TaylorMade, the new irons are designed for players who want maximum distance and forgiveness in a high-tech package. We put that statement to the test.

Using the same shaft used in their current clubs, the players tested the M CGB to see if the irons truly delivered maximum distance and forgiveness. The average handicap of the testers used for the study was 13.8.

Check the results below to see how impressive the M CGB irons really are:

  • Clubhead speed improved by an average of 5.1 mph
  • Ball speed increased by an average of 8.2 mph
  • Trajectory increased by an average of 3.8 yards
  • Carry distance improved by 12.9 yards 

Here are some tester comments:

"Feels very nice off the face and exceptionally forgiving on mis-hits!"

"When you hit it square, it feels solid and the ball jumps off the face with a ton of speed. Very forgiving and much more solid than my gamer on off-center hits." 

"Very fast through impact when you hit it solidly. Surprisingly, good feedback on mis-hits as well." 

"Not the look I'm used to, but I love the results. Way more stable than my current sticks and a lot longer, too."

"Much lighter than my gamers and much longer, plus a lot more forgiveness." 

For more on this club test, see the December 2017 issue of Golf Magazine.

Test the TaylorMade M CGB for yourself at Club Champion and find out if it can deliver more distance for you. With more than 35,000 custom hittable head and shaft options, Club Champion can find the perfect club for you. Get fitted today. Call us at 888-340-7820 or request an appointment online.