Muria IC-601 Irons

By Rob Sauerhaft

Miura IC 601 Irons

One of the cool things about Club Champion is the opportunity to sample the wares of high-end, niche companies such as Miura Golf. Ever heard of them? Many golf enthusiasts haven’t. Best-known for blade-style, forged carbon steel irons, Miura is veering from tradition with its newest irons, the IC-601. This latest model, in fact, is the first full set of cast irons in Miura’s lineup. 

Back in 2001, company founder and chief designer, Katsuhiro Miura, developed a driving iron called IC-6001. The two-piece head consisted of a cast stainless-steel body welded to a forged face and hosel. The construction created a hollow center, referred to as an “inner cavity” (IC). Fast forward to today. Miura’s employing a similar design concept in its IC-601 irons. The two-piece head has a cast body and hosel made of stainless steel that’s welded to a 455 Carpenter steel forged face. This particular face was purchased from a supplier; it wasn’t forged in Miura’s factory in Japan. 

Like its long-ago decedent, the IC-601 has an inner cavity, which contributes to a high moment of inertia and greater forgiveness on off-center hits. With its low, deep center of gravity, the IC-601 is Miura’s most forgiving iron. Mid- and high-handicappers, in particular, should try the club based on how it masks poor shots. “Now we can put products out there that allow us to compete in all [iron] categories,” says Bill Holowaty, Miura Golf’s COO.

The IC-601 provides plenty of pop in addition to its forgiving nature. A combination of the thin, hot Carpenter steel face and strong lofts (6-iron is 28° loft versus 30° in traditional irons) boost distance, by one to two clubs, compared to the company's better-player forged irons such as MC-501. 

To Miura enthusiasts, it might seem taboo for the company to venture into cast irons. However, Katsuhiro Miura has stated that he’ll take advantage of technologies allowing the brand to make improvements. In this case, the quality of materials and flexibility of the casting process enable Miura to incorporate the new design. By using a forging process, the heads would be too heavy when producing the IC-601’s wide sole, thick topline, and long blade length. 

Each IC-601 head has a fixed 8-gram steel weight port behind the sweet spot. The weight shouldn’t be removed by consumers. With a proper tool, though, custom fitters can swap it out in favor of 4-, 6-, 10-, or 12-gram weights. This might be done, as part of the fitting, to dial-in head mass for players who require longer-than-standard shafts, lightweight shafts, etc.  

On the subject of shafts, there’s no stock model in the IC-601. Rather, Club Champion carries an array of options to match up optimal head weights with a specific shaft. 

Does your game need a boost? Head over to your local Club Champion Golf studio where an expert fitter can determine if the Miura IC-601, or a different set of irons, can get you on the right path. To schedule a fitting, go to or call 800-340-7820.


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