New Accra TZ Makes It EZ To Control Launch & Spin Conditions

New Accra TZ Makes It EZ To Control Launch & Spin Conditions

At the 2019 PGA Merchandise show, ACCRA introduced the 5th generation of its Tour Z brand. The Tour Z line is known as a stable product for golfers looking to control launch conditions and spin rates. The TZ5 & TZ6 are no exception. They incorporate a similar profile and design to prior models while using newer, more advanced materials.

Offered in two distinct versions, the new TZ utilizes the proprietary blueprinting capabilities of the S3 shaft simulation system. Using this technology, ACCRA developed a higher launching TZ6 series plus a lower launching TZ5 series, each with lower spin rates than previous models.


The TZ6 shafts are available in four different weights (45, 55, 65 & 75 grams) as well as matching hybrid shafts, all with multiple flex options. Appealing to everyday golfers, the TZ6 M3 (R-flex) and M4 (S-flex) flexes offer a mid/high launching driver shaft that will control spin and add power through an active tip section.

Where this shaft can really shine is as a mid/high launching shaft in M4 and M5 (X-flex) flexes for more accomplished golfers. Already in the bag of eight PGA Tour players, this is a spin-killing machine that features 2.0 torque combined with an explosive tip section. Newer high modulus composite materials enable ACCRA to maintain its “feel” while introducing extremely low torque.

ACCRA achieves stability with a proprietary design in the butt section for strength without affecting the feel. The addition of new materials technology in the tip section delivers torsional strength along with a faster recovery speed than any shaft ACCRA has ever produced.


The TZ5 series integrates all the best attributes of past Tour Z models and incorporates the latest high modulus materials to create a smoother feel than ever before, while still maintaining the low launch/low spin characteristics of the Tour Z brand. You will notice a slightly smoother mid-section and lower balance point, with lower torque than previous Tour Z series.

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