New Level Irons Forging a Future: FORGED—610, 623, 902, AND 1031

New Level Irons Forging a Future: FORGED—610, 623, 902, AND 1031

In the late 1980s, a teenaged Eric Burch enjoyed tinkering with golf clubs for hours on end. There were no manuals to follow or videos to watch. Just a lot of trial and error, a skill set which would come to serve him well. Then as an assistant pro, most of his time was spent on basic club fitting and repair tasks. After a long career which included stints at Miura and Pure Grips among other stops, Eric took the knowledge gained over decades in the golf industry and recently began his equipment company, New Level Golf. The company offers several iron models. Below are brief descriptions of their offerings.


The 610 features a progressive offset and wide blade length, making it very forgiving across the entire length of the club face. Its performance is primarily due to its tri-tiered cavity design, which provides optimal weight distribution and excellent consistency on heel and toe misses. The larger overall clubhead size and stronger than average lofts make it playable for golfers of every skill level.


The 623 has a Tour-inspired shape, including minimal offset and a thin topline, yet it can be every bit as playable as many cavity back irons. A wider than average sole, combined with a milled tuning slot, lowers the overall center of gravity and improves feel. Forged from 1020 carbon steel, these irons are CNC milled to their final condition, eliminating inconsistencies from club to club. This manufacturing process delivers a golf club with a unique aesthetic and ultimate performance.


These clubs incorporate all of the modern features you'd expect to see in a game improvement iron, but with a compact size, reduced offset and thin top line. The muscle cavity and undercut sole-slot provides stability on off-center contact. Its enhanced leading-edge grind and medium sole width delivers superior turf interaction which decreases digging. Unlike traditional forged irons which require significant hand finishing, the 902 is CNC milled to its final state, ensuring excellent club-to-club quality and consistency.


1031 packs a powerful punch into a mid-sized, forged head. It has a generous sole width and the lowest center of gravity of any New Level irons. A thin top line and deep cavity have allowed mass to be precisely positioned in exact locations across the lower extremities of the club. This design philosophy, in conjunction with stronger than average lofts, sends the ball on a powerful yet, controlled trajectory. Your ball will land softly on its intended target line, allowing you to hit more greens. Available in black PVD finish, 1031 irons are as stylish as they are effective. 

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