PXG Gen1 Irons Price Drop

By Leonard Finkel

PXG Gen1 Irons Price Drop

In 2015, PXG burst onto the scene with the introduction of its groundbreaking GEN1 Irons. The company’s no-cost or time-constraints approach to product engineering and unapologetic focus on performance enabled the company to deliver a new standard for excellence.

For a limited time, PXG is reintroducing GEN1 irons. Many golfers were enamored with these irons, but just couldn’t afford the price. Having recaptured their investment in research and development along with the ability to produce the irons more efficiently, this special offer from Club Champion will enable many more golfers to avail themselves of this dynamic technology. In essence, for a brief time, these irons will be available for far less than they were originally priced.

GEN1 Irons look like a blade but are engineered to outperform larger game-improvement irons in both distance and forgiveness. They feature an HT1770 ultra-thin steel face coupled with a structural thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that is injection-molded into the forged S25C soft carbon steel body. Forged materials, having a tight grain structure, resonate differently than cast materials which add to the outstanding experience at impact. 

TPE is a low-density, vibration-damping material that enhances a club’s sound and feel. It also adds structural stability for PXG’s patented ultra-thin face which helps to produce a more efficient energy transfer. The patented technology of an ultra-thin face coupled with TPE material results in higher ball speeds and longer distances. 

High-density tungsten weights position the mass for optimal launch conditions and MOI. The result: GEN1 irons launch higher, fly further, feel buttery soft and have a larger sweet spot. Removing a significant amount of mass from the center of the club head through CNC milling and strategically repositioning it around the perimeter with tungsten weighting makes these clubs extremely forgiving. 

With three distinctive models, PXG 0311T (Tour Performance), PXG 0311 (Players) and PXG 0311XF (Xtreme Forgiveness), GEN1 Irons are designed for golfers of any level.

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