Rebecca Dengler Discusses Proper Practice

Club Champion Customer David Boys

Please be clear on what you are doing. When you practice, are you practicing skills or practicing to score better? 

We practice skills so we learn them and then have them to play with. Practicing skills only rarely converts to playing better. Players must learn to take the skills they have and play with them on the course. Please do not think after hitting a bucket of balls that you will necessarily swing better and/or score better on the course. In fact, many experience the reverse. They practice better on the range then they do on the course.

Perhaps we should have another form of practice and that is to prepare you for playing. In this type of practice, you would recreate play as much as possible. The best example of this is on the putting green where you would putt one ball to a hole until it is holed for a score. Another example would be to practice up and downs, that would be to use one ball and chip or pitch onto a green and then putt it out for a score. Finally with full swing, recreate a hole and start with the drive then a second shot then use the practice green to finish recreating the hole. In this type of practice it is important to take time between the shots as you would on the course and make sure you go through your routine on each shot as you would playing.

Rebecca Dengler is a 2017-2018 LPGA Top 50 Teacher, a 2017-2018 Golf Digest Best Teacher in State, and a 2016 PGA Section Teacher of the Year. She is a LPGA Master/PGA Golf Professional at Ed Oliver Golf Club in Wilmington Delaware. Visit Rebecca's website for more information, online learning tips and more.