Recreating Recreation:
Club Fitting Can Get Disabled Golfers Back In The Game

By Milton Keys

Having a disability makes one think of recreation differently. Those of us with more diverse abilities have to strategize on the best way to enjoy sports and other physical activities with our friends and loved ones. We aren’t unable to participate in sports like basketball, bowling—we just play them differently.

Some people may use a wheelchair to shoot hoops; others might need a special apparatus to bowl. Whatever the adaptation, what’s important is that it provides access to the activity and the ability to connect with others while playing the games we love.

Finding that access is exactly why I went to Club Champion. I have cerebral palsy, which can limit some of my physical activities, including golf. Like many golfers, my dad got me and my brother started in the game when we were young. When I went off to college, I stopped playing because I was busy with school work. Now that I’m older, I wanted to pick the sport up again. However, I knew that I would have a problem hitting the ball long distances, meaning it could take me twice as long to finish a round. That’s not a big deal as a little kid, but it can be more of an issue as an adult.

I decided to do a long game fitting at Club Champion to help alleviate some of these concerns and I am so glad I did. Usually when I go to any kind of store that sells high-end gear of any kind, I meet one of three kinds of people. There’s the salesperson who knows virtually nothing about their product and just tells you enough to make a sale. This is particularly annoying for those of us that research the things we buy before we shop as we usually know more than they do. Then there is the salesperson who knows everything about the product but talks down to you because they don’t consider you a “pro”; when you have a disability, these people never consider you a pro even if you have the credentials to prove it. Then there is the uber knowledgeable salesperson like those at Club Champion. My fitter was not only knowledgeable on his product but he was extremely attentive during the fitting. It felt like a golf lesson and a fitting all in one.

The experience was great, but the results were amazing, too! As we tried different clubs, I saw my distance increase by 10 to 20 yards. Furthermore, the clubs began to feel better in my hands as he got closer to the best fit for me. Both as one with a disability and a high handicap golfer, I felt respected and cared for throughout the whole process.

I recommend Club Champion for anyone who would like to improve their game in a safe, friendly and informative environment.

Milton was fitted at Club Champion’s Indianapolis location. His long game fitting resulted in a Bridgestone TOUR B JGR Driver with a LA Golf White Tie 40 shaft; a Ping G410 Fairway wood with a Mitsubishi C6 Red 40 A shaft; and a Callaway Rogue X #3 Hybrid with an Accra FX 2.0 shaft. All three clubs were outfitted with a Winn Excel grip.


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