REVIEW: The Club Champion
Fitting Experience

— August 2016

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By Adam Fonseca

Club Champion has established themselves as a premium club fitting service spanning 15 locations across the United States. I had the privilege of experiencing a Club Champion iron fitting recently, lead by Master Club Fitter Roger Paiz in Willowbrook, IL.

Full disclosure: I attended my fitting at Club Champion for the purpose of learning more about Miura Golf clubs, which I will be reviewing in the near future. Walking into the Willowbrook location knowing which brand I was interested in narrowed the scope of my fitting overall, but this did not take away from what was a truly amazing experience.


I met Roger Paiz immediately upon walking into the building, and he was professional and welcoming. After filling out a short questionnaire on my current golf profile, Roger explained what I was to expect that day while asking more questions on my gaming preferences and challenges.

I immediately felt like I was in good hands and had the sense I would be leaving Club Champion more educated about my game than ever before. I was not disappointed.

We made our way to the Trackman hitting bay to get a baseline on my current irons (Mizuno MP-5). After a handful of swings I was loose and ready to start trying multiple combinations of Miura head and club shafts from names like KBS, Dynamic Gold, and more. Within a short while it was clear that we were going to do a ton of experimenting to hone in on the perfect combination for my game.

Roger continuously educated me on what every new shaft or clubhead was supposed to do to my Trackman numbers, validating what I would eventually see in the data after hitting a few shots. I learned a great deal about loft changes, tapered golf shafts, lie angle, and other key aspects to what will eventually become the perfect set of irons for me.

After hitting shot after shot too far to the left, Roger measured a few additional aspects of my current irons and learned I would be best served by a flatter lie angle. Luckily, Club Champion has a massive building workshop fully equipped to customize any element of any club in your bag.

After agreeing and validating which iron combo worked best, Roger walked me through the process to choose which grips would work best, which wedges I should consider to match my irons, and showed me my club build “blueprint” at the end of my session. 90-minutes was all it took to find me the perfect iron build out that is sure to improve my game.

Club Champion is a fantastic club fitting option for serious golfers. Every employee exuded professionalism and a deep knowledge of golf equipment while having the eloquence to explain every detail to customers in layman’s terms. Specializing in fitting any and all clubs in your bag, these folks are clearly the cream of the crop. I left my session feeling overly impressed and — as I suspected I would — more educated about my golf game than every before.


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