Scotty Cameron Introduces Select Fastback 2 and Select Squareback 1.5 Putters

Scotty Cameron Introduces Select Fastback 2 and Select Squareback 1.5 Putters
Scotty Cameron has added two new mid-mallet models to his flagship line of Select putters – the Select Fastback 2 and Select Squareback 1.5. The new Select models provide additional mid-mallet options for players seeking Scotty’s popular Fastback and Squareback head styles with specific neck configurations and performance characteristics.
Following the introduction of the 2018 Select Fastback model on the worldwide professional golf tours, players immediately asked Scotty for a different option—a plumbing neck. The setup, which provides one shaft of offset, has been incorporated into this rounded mid-mallet. In addition, subtle refinements have been made to the topline for a slightly thinner look, as well as a reduction of face height.
Scotty’s new Squareback 1.5 incorporates a new mini-slant neck that further squares off the overall shape and look at address for golfers seeking clean and distinct visual cues. The draft angle has been updated to accommodate the new neck, which also produces slightly more toe flow than its mid-bend counterpart, the Select Squareback. Scotty shaved some topline thickness for a thinner appearance from address and reduced the overall face height.
Both models adopt the Select line’s Tour-proven multi-material construction with a precision milled, MOI-enhancing 6061 aircraft aluminum face-sole, expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head. The Fastback 2 and Squareback 1.5 each feature Select-line advanced stability weighting with two customizable, stainless-steel heel-toe weights. Every putter in the Select line features a raw stainless steel finish with a unique bead blast for a radiant yet glare-resistant appearance.
“Extending the Select line was all about taking the feedback we got from players and incorporating it into new offerings,” said Scotty Cameron. “Shortly after we introduced the 2018 Fastback and Squareback models on Tour, players began asking for them with prototype necks. We are seeing more and more players gravitate to these nice, compact head shapes. They’re not blades and not exactly mallets. We call them mid-mallets. By creating the Fastback 2 with a plumbing neck, and the Squareback 1.5 with our mini-slant neck, we’re giving players everything they asked for and more.”
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