Test your game: Introducing the Silver Club Golfing Society

Silver Club Golfing Society

Tired of giving shots to your playing partners? A new, competitive amateur golf society is launching nationwide that combines competition, compelling venues, and camaraderie.


“There is golf, and then there is tournament golf.”
- Bobby Jones

We know you take your game seriously, and always want to play your best. Sometimes, it’s not enough to play in the weekly casual game with your friends. Sometimes, you want to test your game in the crucible of competition. That’s what the Silver Club Golfing Society is all about. The SCGS name comes from the first golf competition on record in Scotland in 1744 when the Company of Gentlemen Golfers first played for the Silver Club.

For many tournament-caliber golfers, golf competition is a way of life. The rush of adrenaline felt when you step onto the first tee of an event is euphoric. The feeling of executing a shot under pressure is hard to describe and impossible to duplicate without putting yourself in that competitive environment over and over. The Silver Club Golfing Society provides dedicated golfers an avenue to test themselves, to feel that rush and to share it with other golfers who also take golf competition as seriously as they do.

SCGS has created a golfing community where players have the opportunity to hone their tournament skills at noteworthy and challenging venues. The society’s commitment is to build exceptional and authentic tournament experiences that celebrate the game and its traditions while still promoting camaraderie among members. 

SCGS will host four multi-day events in 2019, as well as a number of single-day tournaments in large metro areas. The one-day events will be held in cities with Club Champion stores and will be tied to social gatherings at the stores. Formats will vary from event to event and players will be flighted according to their handicap. Within each division, players will play at scratch. The year-long points list will show SCGS’s top players, with the highest point-getters eligible to compete for the Silver Club Championship next December.


Silver Club was founded by Steve Scott, who was once the #1 amateur golfer in the world and is the current Head Professional at the Outpost Club, a national golf society. With extensive competitive experience from his U.S. Amateur and Walker Cup days (won the 1999 Western Amateur and narrowly lost to Tiger Woods in the final of the 1996 U.S. Amateur) to currently competing in PGA Tour events, Steve understands the details tournament players want and need in the competitive arena. 

If you are under the maximum handicap index of 7.9 and would like to be considered for SCGS membership, please fill out the SCGS Member Candidate Information Statement with this web form.

SCGS is also hosting a Launch Party at Five Iron Golf in New York City on Friday, October 26th from 7:30 -10:30 PM. You will have the chance to meet the SCGS Team and share in a fun night full of golfing camaraderie - please register here if you can join the group.

Silver Club’s mission is to cultivate a thriving golf society that signifies the very best in the game — where the competition is compelling, the camaraderie is vibrant, and the experience is memorable.