Cobra - 2018 KING F8 and F8+ Drivers

Cobra KING F8 and F8+ Drivers

Cobra Golf introduced its KING® F8 and KING® F8+ drivers featuring the brand's first ever precision-milled forged face. The fully CNC-machined driver face paired with revolutionary 360° Aero™ Technology is also equipped with COBRA Connect™ Technology by Arccos.

COBRA's first fully machined driver face utilizes a unique multi-directional CNC milling pattern that delivers the highest level of precision for superior performance. Compared to traditional hand polished drivers, CNC precision milling allowed engineers to achieve precise face thickness and tighter tolerances resulting in improved bulge-and-roll curvatures. With a face that is 3 percent thinner and 10 percent lighter for maximum ball speed across the face, it delivers added distance and greater accuracy.

Both drivers boast COBRA Connect™ Technology, the connected golf system that helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions. Electronically embedded sensors in the grip automatically record the distance and accuracy of every shot so golfers can track their improvements from round-to-round. Using the Arccos 360° mobile app, users simply pair their club to receive detailed performance data and access rangefinder GPS distances at more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

The KING® F8 and F8+ drivers are designed to provide golfers of varying playing abilities a choice between oversized performance with maximum forgiveness or traditional shaping with maximum workability, precision and more penetrating ball flights.

The KING® F8 driver features an oversized address profile that increases moment of inertia (MOI) and provides more distance, forgiveness, and speed on off-center hits. An adjustable weight system offers two center of gravity (CG) settings; one in the back for a higher, towering ball flight and one in the heel to provide additional draw bias.

COBRA's 360° Aero™ Technology incorporates an innovative system of aerodynamic trips strategically positioned around the perimeter of the face to reduce drag through the downswing. A polymer material on the trips placed on the crown produces better CG positioning and a higher MOI. An ultralight, 5-ply carbon fiber crown saves discretionary weight to position the CG lower and deeper for higher trajectories and increased forgiveness. E9 Technology™, a variable thickness face designed with elliptical pattern Sweet Zone™, creates more hot spots farther away from the center of the face for more distance on heel or toe contact.

Cobra’s MyFly8 technology affords golfers the choice of eight loft settings (9.0°, 9.5°, 9.5D°, 10.5°, 10.5D°, 11.5°, 11.5D° and 12°) to fine-tune launch conditions and maximize distance. SmartPad helps maintain a square clubhead at address. The F8 driver is available in two colors, Nardo Grey or Black.

Designed with a more traditional clubhead shape and a lower loft range (8.0°, 8.5°, 8.5D°, 9.0°, 9.5D°, 10.0°, 10.5° and 11°), the F8+ driver incorporates the same key technologies as the F8 driver, including a CNC precision-milled E9 Technology™, 360° Aero™ Technology, carbon fiber crown and MyFly8. Featuring lower trajectories compared to the F8, the F8+ driver is equipped with two CG settings, one in front for a lower, penetrating ball flight; and one set back for a higher ball flight with slightly more spin.

Both the Cobra KING® F8 and F8+ drivers are available at Club Champion. With more than 35,000 custom hittable head and shaft options, Club Champion can find the perfect combination to fit your unique swing. Get your Cobra KING® F8 or F8+ drivers fitted today. Call us at 888-340-7820 or request an appointment online.