No matter the material, model or brand, no two golf shafts are identical. The SST PURE shaft alignment system was developed to analyze the structure of any shaft and to identify its most stable bending point or mutual axis. The 100% automated process can analyze any golf shaft and identify the orientation that will result in optimum performance. Have you ever wondered why two identical golf clubs don't feel or perform the same? The answer lies in the structure of the golf shaft. Every golf shaf,t whether steel or composite, has unique properties that affect the way it performs during the golf swing. When a shaft is randomly assembled into a golf club, these imperfections can cause unstable, erratic bending and twisting as the shaft loads and unloads during the swing and at impact. SST PURE Analysis locates the shaft orientation in the clubhead that minimizes or eliminates the effects of these imperfections. Club Champion is the largest SST PURE dealer in the country and can PURE new or current shaft(s) to maximize performance. $30/club.

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